Ali Cayne, Manhattan

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TRANSFORMING ONE’S SPACE is often a mission that many struggle with, but some find great pleasure in selecting every finish, paint colour and piece of furniture.
Ali Cayne_NYC Townhouse_1Ali Cayne_NYC Townhouse_12One such person who falls into the latter category would be Ali Cayne. Founder of Haven’s Kitchen in New York City–a recreational cooking school, café and event space that specialises in seasonal, sustainable food–Ali has a particular appetite for all the ingredients necessary for style and taste. Cultivating her own creative recipe, Ali renovated her West Village townhouse after moving downtown with her five children and beloved Goldendoodle.
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Ali Cayne_NYC Townhouse_.7jpegSelecting everything from the fabric used to the curated gallery walls without the help of an interior decorator, Ali created a space of her own. Her charming home includes oversized mood boards, graphic tiles with black grout and Louis XVI look-alike mirrors.

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Open bookshelves, Moroccan rugs and matte countertops can also be found.
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Chevron wooden floors, low George Smith sofas and hanging chandeliers from a snowy outing to a Parisian flea market are particular favourite features of mine.

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The kitchen, undoubtedly a special place to Ali, includes chic grey cabinets laden with an abundance of clear, black and silver utensils to whip anything delectable from her rooftop garden, which harvests fresh fruits and vegetables, and even sunflowers to brighten up the already luminous space. —Anita

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[ Images via Domino Magazine ]