This Is Glamorous | At the Gallery : Mathias Kiss, Paris

At the Gallery : Mathias Kiss, Paris

THIS WEEK’S AT THE GALLERY features Parisian artist Mathias Kiss, whose work is centred around reflection on and questions about past and future systems of housing design. Built around timeless stylistic references and experimentation, his work combines traditional craft with contemporary experimentation and materials.

Since 2009, Kiss has been designing sculptural objects that are based on these codes of living and habitation. The related art objects and installations created by the artist explore larger environments and our perception of time and space.

The Froissé Mirror confronts these ideas most literally—an intricate fold-and-crease system that is infinitely multiplied given the reflections of the mirrored surfaces . . .

Mathias-Kiss3“Miroir Froissé”
Réflexion de Mathias Kiss sur le pli et la déformation de matériaux rigides
Edition de 6 exemplaires – Série sans 90° – Galerie Armel Soyer
Photo : EEM studio


The artist devoted his first works to the realization of ceilings in Parisian palaces; a recurring theme around freedom and defiance, the skies in all its forms became a great source of inspiration. In 2000, he had his first personal exhibition at the Teisso gallery.


Installation in situ et ciel peint de Mathias Kiss
Acrylique / taxidermie / dimensions variables
Photo : Alexandre Guirkinger

At the Gallery : Mathias Kiss, Paris

“Mathias Kiss grasped the mirror to deliver a particularly striking contemporary interpretation. With Miroir froissé the faceted relief materializes from the wall in the same way as a sculpted work of art. Like a crumpled piece of paper the shape firmly interprets a rejection of the absurdity of the anonymity of the object, the magic of reflected light and fragmented image and the beauty of a hand-sculpted bas-relief.”



In 2002, Kiss created the agency Attilalou in 2002 with Olivier Piel, and opened a lab gallery in Marais, “a place for meetings and experimentations, where his numerous creations and installations were born among photographers, stylists and designers.” In 2009, he designed his first Sculptural-Objects.


Mathias-Kiss1” GOLDEN SNAKE ” #5
Réflexion de Mathias Kiss sur les codes passés et futurs de l’habitat, installation in situ
Panneautage avec plis et déformations / dorure à la feuille / dimensions variables
Talents à la carte – Design Basel


[images : all artwork by Mathias Kiss // via : flodeau, pad, oracle fox, a-gent of style, #mathiaskiss, attilalou, quote from design miami]