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Known as the glossy bible of fashion, Vogue US encompasses the iconic combination of the upcoming, extraordinary and legendary. From actors to royals, Vogue has always brought true talent to their lavish editorials. Many models, photographers and designers have been propelled to stardom, thanks to Vogue.

From the Editorial Archives: Vogue US | This Is Glamorous
A publication that has time & time again pushed the visual envelope, Vogue has and always will be unforgettable. Simultaneously transforming the modern perceptions of female beauty and culture, the expansive collection of covers has documented the changes from its birth in 1892 to its Anna Wintour-esque current day.


“The best cover is always the next one, the one you haven’t seen yet.” —Anna Wintour

From the Editorial Archives: Vogue US | This Is Glamorous

Celebrating the many people who have fronted the elusive cover, February cover girl Lena Dunham reenacted the fun history of Vogue with International Editor, Hamish Bowles in this original short.

Sashay here, pose there, here’s an illustrated history of some of the best Vogue US covers to date.



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