At the Office : 5 Small Books with Big Ideas


    101 things I learned in Architecture school is the first in a brilliant series of books that cover a variety of professions. The commonality between all the books in the series is the way each discipline uniquely looks at problem solving, critical and creative thinking. Although the books focus on the specifics of each profession, most of the lessons are adaptive and transferrable to other areas. We found this particular book gave us some interesting perspectives on both our photography and design process.

Limitations encourage creativity : “Never rue the limitations of a design problem – a too-small site, an inconvenient topography, an overlong space an unfair palate of materials, contradictory requests from the client… Within those limitations lies the solution to the problem!” –From 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

We had such a great response to the Five Books to Inspire Your Business & Life article, thought we would share a few more titles from our bookshelves. These five are all short books that can be read in one sitting, and yet they are filled with big ideas to help fuel your creativity. -P.

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