Five Songs for the Weekend

Weekend Playlist | This Is Glamorous

After a busy week at the office, we’re looking forward to relaxing with some chilled-out music this weekend. Here are five songs on our current playlist. –P.

The new release ‘Magic” from Coldplay‘s upcoming album Ghost Stories is a stripped down production that showcases Chris Martin’s vocals. Will be interesting to see what direction Coldplay go with their new album.

Edinburgh hip-hop trio Young Fathers are definitely one of the most innovative groups–hip hop or otherwise–in the UK. “I Heard” is a song from their first EP Tape Two. Don’t miss them live in April & May with their extensive North American tour to promote their new album Dead.

“Blue Moon” is a melancholic track from Beck’s most recent album Morning Phase. The sound is reminiscent of the artist’s classic album, Sea Change, from 2002.

Busy Earnin” from the London electronic/funk collective, Jungle, is a 70’s influenced track with an infectious hook.

Norwegian DJ, Todd Terje, collaborates with Bryan Ferry on this inspired cover of Robert Palmer’s “Johnny and Mary”.

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