valentino fall 2014

VALENTINO WAS THE MOST IMPOSSIBLY PERFECT collection one could ever wish for. The first looks glowed with beautiful simplicity, and shapes—rhombi, circles, clean lines—yet, as the collection progressed, one became engrossed with the intricate layered laces, and the butterflies and birds embellished on emerald green, midnight blue and maroon capes and dresses, all seeming to come right out of a children’s fairytale book . . .
. . . soon, the initial geometrical shapes began fusing with trims in a slow dance, eventually amalgamating into semi-sheer chiffon and organza gowns with volume at the bottom and delicacy on top, into creations that could only be meant for grand balls. The result was a velvety, hazy and romantically picturesque collection perfect for fall.
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