{at home with : fashion designer adrienne vittadini, manhattan}

fashion designer adrienne vittadini}

DESIGNER ADRIENNE VITTADINI’S Upper East Side apartment is a place of calm. In shades of pale & pretty neutrals, creams with “greenish yellow undertones”, it is a refuge from New York’s harried pace. When she and husband & business partner, Gianluigi Vittadini, purchased the home in 1986, they took it apart and began anew. In the nearly 30 years since, the designer has continually moved and changed things around, but the one thing that has always remained constant is the serene palette.

{at home with : fashion designer adrienne vittadini}

Despite the neutral palette, things are far from bland, as bits of gold and leopard print, gilded columns in the living room, aqua throw cushions and Rubelli silk, as well as art — photographs, paintings, and sculptures — add life and colour and elegance to the neutral background.

“I have this philosophy that if you love something, and it’s a good design, somehow it all works together.”

Vittadini’s is a beautiful mix — a mix of art — Picassos hang near a sculpture by the designer’s father — and furniture — Art Deco mixing with Regency — that intermingles beautifully for an enchanting concoction.

{at home with : fashion designer adrienne vittadini}

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[images : photography by melanie acevedo for veranda]