Enormously Exciting News . . .

at this is glamorous : ENORMOUSLY EXCITING NEWS

SOME MAY REMEMBER references here & there over the past while, to two exciting things to come, and some have already found their way to the news through various channels in the past few days, but today, and at very long last, the first of these . . .

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When TIG began there were two readers — my sister and a close friend — but it was not long until something amazing happened — strangers wandered here, strangers who would become regular readers who began their mornings here with coffee, strangers who would become friends and confidantes and secret-keepers, advice-givers and well-wishers and who would become the very bones of this site, and many, many of these are still here since the very beginning.  There have also been extravagantly lovely contributors, love stories and a travel seriesinterviews and so much more, and there are not enough words for how much it all means, your stopping by all this time, and so, a million thank you’s will have to do . . .at this is glamorous : ENORMOUSLY EXCITING NEWS

And also through it all, there has been one person who has never left my side, who has been supportive through the long hours and late nights, and has always, always been there through anything and everything.  Over the past year or so, we have begun collaborating here, at TIG, on a few projects, art direction and styling and [mostly his] beautiful photography, but even before that, over two years ago, we had begun working together on our biggest project yet, and since we are already quite inseparable, had thought we might as well [officially] work together as well, and so, here it is, at long last, our labour of love and grandest adventure yet —> 


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