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photography by Emily Faulstich at Hawaiian Coconut

On this warm September day, Emily‘s pretty desk is a perfect reminder that it’s back at the office at full speed, after all the summer travelling, tanned shoulders and noses and traipses about London & Paris.  The next two weeks will be particularly busy, but isn’t it always that way at summer’s end?  And calendars are being filled and trips being planned, inboxes overflowing and to-do lists a million miles long, and we wouldn’t want it any other way . . .

photography by Emily Faulstich at Hawaiian Coconut

[images : photography by Emily Faulstich at Hawaiian Coconut]

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  • i love the trophy as a utensils cup! I am now on the look out for one in flea markets for my make up brushes, old candle cynlinders are so last year ;)

  • I want to try that rose lemonade :)

  • you have no idea. I just completed my dissertation at St. Andrews. Moved back home to the States for a month before I head back to London to start my job. I am all over the place at the moment. Sometimes, however, a little chaos can be a happy chaos.

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