{current events | fondest farewell, google reader : hello feedly & bloglovin}

So.  It has finally come to this, and despite knowing for months now — like a good procrastinator, have been using google reader right up until this very moment, and will most likely continue to do so, until it is gone forever, on Monday [!] — a little due to a resistance to change, but mostly due to the fact that had actually quite loved google reader . . .

And if you are also a serious procrastinator [and it looks like most of you] and have not yet made the switch, the two most recommended replacements seem to be feedly and bloglovin’ :

As to which one of the two would recommend, the answer would be that haven’t the faintest, as have not yet made the switch, but have, however, just backed up and downloaded all of the data . . .

If you are in the same situation and have yet to decide, here are a few instructions for backing up your account.  And in the meantime, if you are looking for ways to keep up with new posts here, there is always twitter & facebook // update : there are also digg reader & the old reader.

{p.s.} if you’re reading this article on an ipad or your mobile, something new.

[image : princess diana via zsa zsa bellagio]