{hope you’re having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

{hope you're having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.


{hope you're having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

. . . unforeseen delays leading to a cancelled flight means a little more time away from home, and two long lost loves who will be apart a little longer; but it has been said that the very best things are the ones worth waiting for, and it’s been beautiful here, and so, until then, it will be lost in the pink blossoms that have swept over everything, saturday markets and morning coffee and macarons and work and . . .

hope you’re having a perfectly wonderful weekend, and that it’s beautiful where you are, —roséline xo


a f e w  l o v e l y l i n k s

* most amazing story : a paris apartment locked & untouched for 70 years [via priya] * at the shops : this clutch & these sandals [& these as well] * places : savannah, georgia
* more summer sandals : onetwo
* travel : munich
* updates : gallery walls
* style inspiration : london tweed run
* décor : herringbone floors
* for home or office : the ultimate happy list
* travel : madrid
* recipe : bee pollen cake

& N E W F O R T H E W E E K | E N D

* thought for the day : the brightest light
* at the shops : manyara home, newport, new south whales

{as always, a few things you may have missed:}

* décor inspiration : relaxed elegance in scottsdale, arizona
* places : the streets of san francisco
* at the office : a little white dress & a pretty chignon
* photo of the day : lost dog, jardin des tuileries

* places : at the florist
* style inspiration : the classic trench for him & her

* two lovely things : gallery walls, paris

* of gardens and fountains & la joie de vivre
* fashion editorial : kate moss by patrick demarchelier

* hope you’re having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links

[images : one // two // three // mr. & mrs. glass from here]