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Imagine for a moment or two, sitting atop a tall, tall camel, as the sun’s intoxicating golden rays alight on a breeze that takes ahold of your hair and sets it sail . . .

Anubis columns, theme park in Singapore

. . . sitting on your camel, traveling across Egyptian land, as history frames your view — a view so ancient and imbedded in history — and momentarily, you forget that you are living in the year 2013, and feel as though you have been transported, almost instantly, to a time of greatness, of wonder, and incredible intrigue . . .

Indeed, Egypt lures thousands upon thousands of tourists each and every year with its limitless sights to explore.  And for today, we take flight to an Egyptian city brimming with exotic and fascinating, intriguing and interesting points of interest — to Cairo!

Cairo, with a population of 9,120,350 [as of 2011] — is the capital of Egypt, and is in fact the largest city in the Arab world and Africa.  Originally founded in 969 A.D, it sits near the Nile delta and has, within it, a myriad of contrasts unlike any other city — a marriage of ancient and modern.

Let the pyramids and great city be your backdrop for adventure, as we head to some of the best spots, and of course, to renown Giza.  For within Cairo’s suburb, one will discover at this spectacular place, located about 9 miles outside of the city’s centre, some of the most incredible pyramids in the world.

And so, this week, we cordially invite you to The Great Pyramids at Giza —  one of the seven ancient wonders of the world . . .

{a note about the pyramids}

It is said that in person, nothing can prepare one for the sheer scale and tremendous, awe-inspiring grandeur of these curious structures.  Pyramids were originally built as tombs for the ancient pharaohs, representing power and status.

The western part of the Nile, in Giza, Cairo, is the site of these legendary Egyptian pyramids, and according to National Geographic, one of the top tourist attractions, not only in Egypt, but the world.

Great curiosity is continuous, as it is not discovered just how these structures were constructed.  Some say it could be have been by the use of simple tools, by skilled workers, but it is a complete mystery . . .

{take me away № 44 | the pyramids of giza, egypt}

[p.s. the pyramids can be visited by camel, on foot, and even by horse-drawn carriage]  


{take me away № 44 | the pyramids of giza, egypt}

01 | Khufu’s Pyramid

This wondrous pyramid was built during the reign of the Pharaoh Khufu between the years of 2589 and 2566 B.C., and is said to span an area of about 13 square acres, and a height of about 449 feet.  It is said that it was once the tallest structure in the world until the 14th century, when the Lincoln Cathedral took its place.  When visiting, one can look forward to discovering a gallery, leading to a red granite room [known as “the King’s Chamber”], “The Queen’s Chamber”, and of course, stone work that is beyond imagination.


02 | Khafre’s Pyramid

Though simpler in architecture and smaller in scale than Khufu’s Pyramid, Khafre’s Pyramid is still quite a sight to be seen. It is said that this pyramid offers a slightly higher elevation, has two main entryways that lead to a main burial chamber, and though sadly, was robbed many many years ago, its history remains quite intriguing . . .

{take me away № 44 | the pyramids of giza, egypt}

03 | Menkaure’s Pyramid

The smallest of the three pyramids, Menkaure’s Pyramid is a “mere” 215 feet, with a base of 343 by 335 feet [in total, about one tenth of the size of Khufu’s Pyramid].  It is said that no one knows exactly why this pyramid was created to be much smaller than the others, with just one entrance, but it completes the grand trio of amazing pyramids.

GIZA : a few additional places in our address book . . .

* The Great Sphinx : Al-Haram, Giza
* Cheops Boat Museum : Pyramids Zone, El Haram, Giza

{take me away № 44 | the pyramids of giza, egypt}

CAIRO : a few additional places in our address book . . .

* Islamic Cairo : Midan Silah ad-Din, Cairo
* Dahshur [pyramid] : see map
* Mosque of Ibn Tulun : Tolon, As Sayedah Zeinab, Cairo Governorate
* Salah El-Din Citadel [The Citadel] : al-Qala’a | Shar’a Salih Salem, Cairo

* Egyptian Antiquities Museum : Midan El Tahrir, Cairo 11557
* Zamalek [island] : see map
* Al-Azhar Park : Ad Darb Al Ahmar, Cairo Governorate
* Mohamed Ali Mosque [The Alabaster Mosque] : Citadel of Saladin, Cairo

[and also, be sure to tour through Coptic Cairo — the old city]  
01 | Fairmont Cairo, Nile City :  Nile City Towers – 2005 B, Corniche El Nil | Ramlet Beaulac, Cairo 2466
02 | InterContinental Citystars Cairo : Omar Ibn El Khattab Street | PO Box 1026, Cairo 11737
03 | Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza : 1089 Corniche El Nil, 11519 Garden City, Cairo

[and if you wish to stay in a boutique hotel, we suggest Villa Belle Epoque or The Gabriel Hotel]  

01 | Lai Thai [at the Four Seasons] : 35 Giza Street, Cairo, Giza 12311
02 | Birdcage : Corniche El Nil | Semiramis InterContinental Cairo, Cairo 11511
03 | Sabaya : Corniche El Nil | Semiramis InterContinental Cairo, Cairo 11511
04 | Abu Sid : 157 26th of July Street, Zamalek, Cairo

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As you will be visiting the desert, perhaps even more important than fashion choices, plenty of water, sunblock and sunglasses are a must!

The weather in Cairo is somewhat moderate and low in humidity throughout most of the year, aside from some Summer days. Highs of 96.8°F / 36°C are common in July and lows of 69.8°F / 21°C.  It is said that the winter months in Cairo [particularly January], offer temperatures ranging between 59°F / 15°C and 69.8°F / 21°C — a very pleasant climate for touring!

It is also wise to be mindful of the culture and traditions, and therefore, we suggest loose and elegant pieces, such as long dresses, sweeping skirts and pants — particularly linen and cotton, so that one might be comfortable and cool while touring.  Scarves are also a must, so be sure to tuck in a few favourites that might serve a number of different uses and looks . . .


{take me away № 44 | the pyramids of giza, egypt}

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