editor’s picks : joey, australia


  1. Sweet as a button pajamas for opening presents on Christmas morning
  2. Glamorous yet somewhat girly stationery set for Christmas thank you notes
  3. A daringly sexy dress for hot summer nights [it is nearly summertime in Australia]
  4. Beyond perfect in every way, Charlotte Olympia shoes
  5. To make the every day a little more fun — this completely adorable Chloé key chain
  6. For celebrations, these poppers are sparkly perfection
  7. My dream bag. . .  (Which, on a very exciting note, I actually am getting — beyond overjoyed!)
  8. For Christmas brunch, this Patricia Chang dress
  9. For a lazy Christmas afternoon spent at the beach, this floral print swimsuit
  10. And for a gift that gives all throughout the year, season tickets to the ballet