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{style inspiration | hair how-to : the ballerina bun}




. . . there is something so very elegant about an oversized top knot or high ballerina bun — and you may remember the utter sophistication backstage at the dennis basso spring show, and so today, at long last, another impossibly chic [& amazingly simple] hair how-to . . .





{you will need:} hair donut, pins, tie, brush, hairspray

. . . begin with clean, dry hair


STEP 01 | brush hair into a high ponytail

STEP 02 | fit hair donut over hair tie

STEP 03 | gently tease hair to create volume

STEP 04 | let hair fall around and over the hair donut

STEP 05 | begin tucking hair under the donut, securing with hairpins as you tuck

STEP 06 | finish with hairspray

Joey Portrait 1

. . . and, now it’s off to the ballet, or the museum, the flower markets, or just another day at the office, an autumn soirée, or the weekend . . .


[image sources & credits : one /// two /// three /// four /// five /// six /// seven /// eight /// nine /// all other images by joey for {this is glamorous}]

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Inspired by film noir, F. Scott Fitzgerald novels & the thought of a summer spent in Paris, this high tea connoisseur enjoys photography & designing & making her own clothes. Joey has been buying fashion, wedding & interior design magazines since a wonderfully young age, and would spend hours browsing through their glossy pages making ‘inspirational’ scrapbooks. Never spotted without high heels, a sketchpad, a pop of pink lipstick & a strong coffee— Joey adores great love stories, chandeliers, crème brûlée, the French countryside & sequins & sparkles & her long time sweetheart— the love of her life whose kisses still give her butterflies …

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  • Jennifer Norman said...

    Simply lovely! Must try this tomorrow!

  • Lovely post. Thanks for the tips. I’ve never quite the hang of this but you’ve inspired me to have a go. Surely it can’t be so hard ey?! ;-)

    With love (and pouts)
    Katie / Pouting In Heels

  • Very pretty love it!

  • I love that brush!!

  • Loooove high ballerina buns! I actually take adult ballet classes and my hair finally grew out enough recently to do a sad little bun. I need to get one of those donuts to beef up the bun a bit! (try saying that 3 times fast…!)

  • Pale pink, delicate slippers, beautiful fluffy tutus.
    To say that I’m a little bit obsessed with all things ballet related would be an understatement.
    Ballerina buns are so chic and elegant. They make everything look so lovely and definitely are icing on top of a ballerina cake! :)

    Thanks for putting together these photos as well as this marvelous guide to creating a perfect bun!
    I definitely have to do this sometime or perhaps convince a ballerina friend to do it for me. A girl I know had a gorgeous ballerina bun the other day yet she claimed it was her “messy bun”.
    Oh ballerinas… <3

  • Beautiful. I’ll try this :)


  • I definitely need to try this!! xx

  • My favorite trend in hair right now. Classic and chic. Looking fabulous!

  • So gorgeous!

  • So cute inspiration! We sell those hair donuts where I work, Glitter (jewellery & accessory shop). I do the bun in a slightly different way though, I start from the ends of hair and roll the donut towards the ponytail/roots. :)


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