{pink canopy beds & fancying a night in}


. . . it may not be a for few months yet, before there is a little time off for a much-anticipated holiday, but until then, have been fancying a perfect night in — striped pyjamas and tea for early in the evening, champagne and champagne truffles for later, perhaps an old sophia loren film, or an audrey hepburn book to flip through, and time for nothing, but reveling in the luxury of time . . .

night-infrench bronze and crystal chandelier /// striped pyjama top, striped pyjama bottom [both via a lovely being] ///cire trudon interior spray /// day night diamond chandelier earrings /// chaise /// pink marc de champagne truffles [& here] /// audrey hepburn photographs 1953-1966 /// diptyque tubereuse mini candle /// english rose tea cup & saucer /// calf half pumps /// champagne

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[top image, photography by simon upton for house & garden, scan by a lovely being]