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. . . can hardly believe we are very nearly half-way through another year, and every year, it is a tradition to make [& break] the same two resolutions of going to the gym everyday, and conquering the overflowing inbox [once and for all], but, now that we are entering the second half and headlong into summer, the focus has shifted somewhat from workouts and inboxes, to finding a sort of balance, and time for the luxury of leisure; and so, yesterday was the second day out of the office, meeting an old friend [not seen in over five years] for lunch [tarte flambée of bacon, onion, fromage blanc, gruyère & a glass of wine], a wander around the shops and, best of all, a picasso exhibit, followed by pretty drinks on an ivy-covered terrace; should like to keep up this less-hectic pace for as long perfectionistic & workaholic tendencies will allow—hopefully, at the very least, until summer’s end . . .

{p.s.} and in other news, have been searching everywhere for the current issue of harper’s bazaar brides — apparently, the combination of white elie saab gowns & pink text is impossible to resist x

[images: cake & photography by hello naomi]