{travel | book review : marrakesh by design}


. . . . . . have you had a chance to flip through any new décor books lately? was so excited when the publishers of marrakesh by design sent along a copy a few weeks ago, as had been meaning to pick one up as soon as possible; written [& photographed!] by friend and fellow blog author maryam from my marrakesh, it includes all the exotic splendour that is marrakesh, including the luxurious mix of rich colours, billowing fabrics, mosaic tiles, and, of course, beautiful sequinned wedding blankets; also included is an exploration of morrocan architecture, styling tips, and even recipes for at-home hammam beauty treatments such as olive oil hair & face masks; very much looking forward to a few moments to this weekend to flip through the pages and become lost in the magic that is morocco . . .



{p.s.} a glimpse of peacock pavilions, maryam’s home and boutique guesthouse, [nestled in an olive grove on the outskirts of marrakesh], below x






marrakesh by design : decorating with all the colors, patterns, and magic of morocco is available here & here


[images: above, peacock pavilions, as it appeared in the current issue of lonny magazine, photography by patrick cline; the home was also featured in last month’s elle decor /// top images, 1 & 2 : photography by p for {this is glamorous}]