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What is it about the sea that calls us so? For reasons of insouciant living alone, surely, it beckons as Summer returns once again, golden rays falling upon the earth.


And as the days draw happily into evening, and we imagine a multitude of moments, memories, tokens and treasures of seaside living, words such as bliss and relaxation and breezy may come to mind, hearts drawn to temperate sands, as crawling waves sweep up notes . . .


. . . or dreams of filling worn metals pails will dozens of stacked shells in all sizes and colors — no two alike — and almost too weighty to carry back; or delicious seafood picnics on grassy areas and the plans and promises of summer afternoons; or of running about reckless and carefree, with sand between toes and bicycle rides along the shore.


But above all else, perhaps one of the greatest joys of Summer seaside living is boarding a boat, and setting out to water. Sunkissed faces, brushed in breezes, hair tousled, and forth we go . . . in dreams of a voyage paved by melodic tides and liberating seas.


How wonderful it would be to be a part of the water, a part of the sea life, and to see the world at a different angle. Languorous Summer hours spent aboard reading, enjoying company, exploring islands, viewing sea life, and taking photographs — it almost seems like a dream.


Where will you go? What will you see? Who will you be meeting? What shall you pack? All wonderful questions, and though perhaps the going and packing falls into calculation, it is, indeed, the mystery of what one will see, and who one may meet that makes the journey all the more intriguing . . .


and so, today, we take you along the vast waters for the romance of elegant afternoons of golden ribbons of sunshine and sea-ladend breezes, as we discover some of the greatest vessels and places to sail around the world . . .


{behind the sails}

As history reveals, sailing has been a part of lives for about 5,000 years now, dating to Egyptian and Sumerian mariners, to respected admirals and explorers of the British Empire. And today, we may still see some of the same vessels that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Moreover, some own their own small [or large] sailing ships, or book a journey and enjoy a trip to a specific destination, or around the world. Indeed, many boats may be quite grand, with full suites, stunningly furnished. And whether you are traveling for pleasure or study, sail boats certainly offer a romantic view of the world.



01 | Yacht Panthalassa : Caribbean

With a rightfully chosen name, ‘Panthalass’, meaning ‘All the Seas’ is brimming with luxury. Amidst its many modern lines and conveniences, lies touches of nautical heritage. Designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners in 2010, the ship welcomes twelve guests, and offers six cabins, with a crew of ten in total to assist. Upon stepping aboard this grand and incredible vessel, even the most particular of guests will no doubt be impressed by the teak flooring, leather wall panels, silk rugs, curved chaise lounges, marble shower rooms, and numerous granite surfaces — all combining to create a warm ambiance of contemporary living. While on board, guests can choose their pleasure — whether they intend to relax and rest or pack the days with activity and exploration. There are, even, toys for children—kites, water skiis and much more. And while staying, guests will certainly enjoy beautifully prepared meals, and all of the makings for a wondrously remarkable vacation.

{a glimpse of the journey:}

“The usual haunts. Or not. In winter, explore the other Caribbean, free from cruise ships and full of stylish surprises. Find secluded bays and secret coves, where your chef will produce a beach barbecue at the drop of a coconut. In summer, glide from the buzz of the Cote d’Azur to alluring isles with bistros serving the freshest Fruits de mer. Seek out the scene or soak up the solitude. You decide. Your Captain is at the helm, but you are always in control . . . “

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02 | Sea Cloud : Costa Rica & Panama

“You live like a queen!” —so said Queen Maud of Norway

A walk about the five-star Sea Cloud and one may forget they are on a boat, for this incredible vessel is more likely akin to an elegant and exquisitely furnished floating palace. And is it any wonder? Under the close attention of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the vision for the ship was brought to life, for it was originally commissioned by the infamous heiress and her husband E.F. Hutton [a Wall Street broker] in 1931, in Kiel. And now, this beautifully restored ship [one of three] offers a total of 32 stylish and spacious cabins and suites, accommodating a total of sixty-four passengers and a crew of sixty. Inside, guests will find fine wood, solid brass, antique furniture, Carrera marble, and golden bath fixtures. During the day, guests may enjoy reading material, snorkeling, and a wonderful list of things. In the evenings, dinner on the Sea Cloud is open to all guests, as you meet [informally] for gourmet cuisine in the beautiful restaurant [the former salon] and dine in a magical atmosphere. And with impeccable service, the ship is truly your own, if only for a short time, and those who share it with you help to shape an unforgettable journey.


sea-cloud above, aboard the sea cloud

{a glimpse of the journey} :

“Costa Rica and Panama boast magnificent national parks and undisturbed natural paradises. As you travel through the impressive Panama Canal, the masterpiece of engineering that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, you will be amazed by the jungle scenery and artificial Lake Gatún. The rich variety of flora and fauna can also be found on walks through treetops, boat and kayak trips that take you deep into rainforests or onto wide open beaches. Numerous national parks, untouched rain forests, rare animal species and beautiful gardens offer unforgettable experiences . . . ”

[additionally : a fascinating short film for a further look]



03 | Fidelis Sailing Yacht : Eastern Mediterranean

This sailing yacht was beautifully designed by the famous Perini Navi Group‘s Technical and Design Department, and in collaboration with the New Zealand yacht designer, Ron Holland, the sail boat was created in July, 2011. Elegantly furnished in warm and serene shades of creamy white and sand, with glamorous touches of silver, and materials such as: stained walnut, wenge, parchment, maple, teak, steel, marble and fine leather. Fidelis is certainly an unforgettable classic. Welcoming ten to twelve people for a trip, with a crew of ten, the vessel offers five surprisingly spacious and stylish staterooms. Restrooms are equally lovely, with well-lit counters, Italian marble, plush towels, and nearly every single imaginable comfort at your fingertips. Additionally, there has been particular attention paid to common areas that might be shared — minimalist design with well-suited comforts is key, both indoors and on deck — whether you desire to lounge on the plush seating outdoors, or watch something on the television, indoors. And, if you seek adventure, there are kayaks, scuba gear for RDV diving, snorkeling gear, wakeboards, waterskiis, seabobs, and more.

nautica37 nautica35

{a little glimpse of the journey:}

Alive with an eclectic mix of colour, culture and charm, the clear, warm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean wash over a mosaic of islands and nations. Ancient ruins, spectacular churches, medieval villages and sacred temples will take your breath away, but just as the sheer scale and history of these man-made treasures will amaze you, so too will the natural wonders . . . ”

[additionally : a short film /// a look inside]



04 | Twizzle Sailing Yacht : Western Mediterranean

This award-winning sailing yacht [won for best interior design, amoungst others] is nothing short of spectacular. Indeed, Twizzle has been referred to as both “beautiful and graceful” on a number of occasions, with a refinement nearly unmatched by any other. Designed [and launched on July, 2010] by Royal Huisman, along with Todhunter Earle Associates, Dubois Naval Architects and Redman, Whiteley Dixon, it is quite plain to see that this vessel would certainly impress even the most particular of guests. Those who are eco-concious will be pleased to discover that Twizzle has been designed and curated with the environment in mind. As a matter of fact, it is certified to the highest standards for operation in the world’s most sensitive marine environments, which include Alaska. And yet, the sailboat’s is without conveniences and technologies. Accommodating eight to nine guests, within four cabins, the look and feel is incredibly light and refreshing. Finished in fine light-toned wood, soft cream and fresh white and grey materials, there is a cohesive and wonderful ambiance, not to mention wonderful details and storage.


While staying aboard, guests will appreciate the experienced and talented chef [a Michelin star awarded chef from London] and outstanding service. And for a bit of adventure, Twizzle offers a number of sports [including water skiing and snorkeling], underwater photography and PADI dive guides to ensure an unforgettable trip.

twizzle1above, a twizzle cheese plate /// view a sample menu

{a little glimpse of the journey} :

“This is the place where luxury yacht charters all began, so it’s only right you should honour tradition and add your own sense of style and glamour to the effortlessly elegant shores of the Cote d’Azur, the Amalfi Coast, Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia. Bring your latest designer swimwear and cocktail attire for all those jet-set occasions, but bear in mind that aside from all its glitz and glamour the West Mediterranean is also the perfect place to wander lazily around village markets, mountain bike through fields of lavender and linger in quaint, rustic cafés. It has the perfect mix of class and charm . . . “

[additionally : a fun film for a closer look]



05 | Sailing Yacht Aurelius : New England

Designed by Gerard Dijkstra & Partners and built by K & M Yacht Builders, in the Netherlands, Aurelius was first created in 2004, and was re-fitted more recently, in 2010. Honduras mahogany, beautiful cream wood paneling, creamy fabrics as well as lovely chestnut flooring complete a welcoming and comfortable design that exudes elegance and style. Best suited to accommodate six, plus a captain and talented chef [who creates an array of fabulous dishes for the trip], there are two double guest rooms, one twin and two restrooms available for the duration of the journey. The spaces are well-planned with sufficient storage spaces, and beautifully paneled to streamline the appearance. And while you are not outdoors and above deck enjoying the views, swimming, water skiing, snorkeling, or the like, there are films, reading and music indoors, plush seating, and views of the striking blue sky.


{a glimpse of the journey} :

“If you are looking for the perfect summer yacht charter holiday destination, New England is the answer. The weather is changeable, but the nights are usually cool and the days warm and sunny – ideal for exploring North America’s rugged eastern coastline aboard your own private charter yacht! Stunning landscapes, charming coastal towns, a rich history and long traditions of fishing all add to the magic . . . You will be able to find plenty to do, from beaches and chic boutiques to art galleries and fine restaurants. There are plenty of opportunities for interesting stops in your charter itinerary, wherever you start your trip. Explore or shop in a port town on Maine’s beautiful coastline, the lively city of Boston, one of Cape Cod’s islands or the popular sailing town of Newport . . . “


{for your journey | what to pack}

Surely, a part of the fun can be found in the packing for the journey. We suggest light and lovely layers of clothing, including swimwear and cover-ups, plenty of breezy dresses and lovely footwear for a multitude of purposes, whether on deck or exploring an island perhaps. Perhaps your favorite pearls, a tote, sunglasses, and chic hats might be brought along, as well as a few key beauty essentials including : moisturizer, sunblock, a body scrub, light scents and makeup that will not hinder any spur-of-the-moment activities and fun to be had.



sequinned camera strap /// striped boatneck /// pave star drops /// shorts /// chunky link chain bracelet /// silk-satin pajamas /// lipstick /// heels /// titania ring /// continuous mist sunscreen /// stargazer perfume oil /// by terry rose balm /// sunglasses

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