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{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}


{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

love letter — noun; a letter or note written by someone to his or her sweetheart or lover; a personal letter to a loved one expressing affection

Whether reading a breathtaking and enchanting tale of heroic deeds and star crossed lovers, or remembering a stolen first kiss or a midnight stroll on a cool midsummer’s night—a love story, be it your own or that of another, can evoke the most quixotic of feelings.

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

History has delivered many beautiful love stories, and many of the ‘ancient’ stories are so utterly enchanting, as they are from another time—a time of love letters and great exclamations of love, of damsels in distress and knights in shining armour. . .

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

The tale of Napoleon Bonaparte & Marie Walewska is one of these magical ones—Napoleon wore his heart on his sleeve and wrote numerous heartfelt love letters to his lover, constantly expressing his innermost and intimate feelings . . .

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

Maria Countess Walewska was a wealthy Polish noblewoman, and Napoleon Bonaparte, the emperor of France. Their first encounter was in Błonie, a tiny village in Warsaw West County, on the New Years Eve of 1806. With champagne abundant, and the sound of fireworks in the near distance, the scene was like that from a romance novel—Napoleon was instantly smitten with the countess for her extraordinary beauty, and immediately requested to see her again.

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

Maria, perhaps being accustomed to would-be suitors proclaiming their undying love, was reluctant at first. Her hesitance prompted a bold but honest love letter from Napoleon:

I saw no one but you, I admired no one but you, I want no one but you.
Answer me at once, and assuage the impatient passion of N.

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

Maybe Maria admired Napoleon’s candid sincerity, or perhaps she too, had been immediately smitten with him—whatever the reason, she agreed to meet with the emperor again, this time, at a grand ball held in his honor. From there began one of history’s greatest love stories . . .

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

Napoleon, being the hopeless romantic that he was, inscribed hundreds of love letters during their passionate yet tumultuous affair:

Marie, my sweet Marie, my first thought is of you, my first desire is to see you again.
You will come again, won’t you? You promised you would.
If you don’t, the eagle will fly to you! I shall see you at dinner – our friend tells me so.
I want you to accept this bouquet: I want it to be a secret link, setting up a private understanding between us in the midst of the surrounding crowd.
We shall be able to share our thoughts, though all the world is looking on.
When my hand presses my heart, you will know that I am thinking of no one but you; and when you press your bouquet, I shall have your answer back!
Love me, my pretty one, and hold your bouquet tight!

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

Maria travelled through Europe with Napoleon, beginning with the Royal Castle in Walewska, to Finckenstein Palace in East Prussia, and the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, constantly by the emperor’s side, his perpetual companion. Their fervent and amorous affair would not last forever, and as it drew to a close, Maria settled into a palatial residence in the Rue de Montmorency.

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

Their love affair may have been over, but they remained acutely dear to each other—in fact, following his exile to Elba, Maria was the only of Napoleon’s lovers to visit him, even after all those years . . .

{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

The passion and eagerness of this feverous tale inspires perseverance in the pursuit of a sweetheart, and proves the power of a love letter will never die; a wonderfully fervent love story that may inspire modern-day romances to ‘take a leaf’ out of the book of these ancient tales of love . . .


{great love stories № 07 | napoleon bonaparte & maria walewska}

{p.s.} editor’s note — also interesting : a display of Napoleon’s living room & dining room at the Louvre /// a film about Maria /// the former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Napoleon’s grandnephew

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  • You are quite right! Napoleon had 3 loves in his lifetime, & being the hopeless romantic that he was, wrote wonderfully intimate letters to each while he was with them. . . I can think of nothing more romantic then receiving a beautiful heart-felt love note. . .

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    Wow. Although I am not familiar with this story, I know that Napoleon had numerous lovers. Didn’t he also write love letters to Josephine while he was married to her?

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