{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}

{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}

Adventurers : əd-ˈven-chər those who undertake or encounter exciting or remarkable experiences

Aptly dubbed the ‘power-couple’ of the nineties, John F Kennedy Jr & Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy were modern American royalty. Both astoundingly attractive and wonderfully smitten with each other, they were written about and commented on almost daily in gossip columns and tabloids. Quintessentially American and breathtakingly stylish, people the world over desperately sought their style. This splendidly glamorous great love story existed in private jets and White House gala dinners, daring adventures and then, quite catastrophically, ended suddenly and tragically . . .

{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}
It is often disputed how John & Carolyn first met — some say it was at Calvin Klein in New York, where Carolyn worked as a publicist, and was said to have been introduced to John by a mutual friend, Kelly Klein, while he was shopping for suits, perhaps even offering some advice on his choices as she had a keen eye for fashion. Another source is adamant it was while they were jogging in Central Park — both athletic, adventurous and ‘outdoorsy’, John spotted Carolyn, and was instantly enthralled with her ethereal beauty . . . and the rest, as they say, was history.

{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}
Whatever the story of their first meeting is, it most certainly must have been magical, as from that day on, the pair were inseparable. John told friends he was ‘besotted’, and it was not long after that, a secret wedding was planned. On September 21, 1996, the private and secret nuptials of John & Carolyn took place in an historic Baptist church strewn with flowers, on Cumberland Island, Georgia. The affair was kept so secret, that in fact, some Kennedy family members were not even invited!, in an attempt to elude the press.

{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}
The bride wore a startlingly simple, but marvellously elegant floor-length Narcisco Rodriguez gown of pearl-colored silk crepe; her only other adornments: a hand-rolled tulle silk veil and long silk gloves (also Narcisco Rodriguez), and beaded satin Manolo Blahnik sandals. Carolyn’s hair was styled into a low chignon at the nape of her neck, and pinned with a clip that had belonged to her late mother-in-law, Jackie Kennedy.

{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}

The intimate evening, with just 40 guests, could not have been more romantic — the church, which had no electricity, was lit with candles & lanterns, and as the couple recited their vows, they stood at a beautifully adorned alter covered in greenery and candles. Following the ceremony, a lively reception was held at the Greyfield Inn where the couple’s first dance was to Prince’s “Forever In My Life”.

The newly pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy honeymooned in Turkey, and relaxed on a ten-day Aegean cruise aboard the Althea, before, ultimately, having to return to reality. Hundreds of paparazzi and media reporters were camped outside the Tribeca loft waiting for them to return from their honeymoon.

John was quite accustomed to the relentless hounding of the media, but for Carolyn, it was very new and quite frightening. She was innately private and rarely granted interviews; she longed for nothing more then a quiet, private life, but alas, that was not to be. It was Carolyn’s fierce longing for privacy, her work for numerous charitable causes, and of course, her enviable style that drew constant comparisons to her late mother-in-law, Jackie Kennedy.

John eventually pleaded with the media to leave his Carolyn alone — but they did not relent. The couple were followed no matter where they went, no matter what they were doing.

It is for this reason they often chose to spend weekends away at the estate John had inherited from his parents, on Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Cape Cod. During the summer, Monday to Friday would be spent working in New York, and then the weekends would be spent at the Gay Head property on the island. Supremely adventurous, John eventually began flying to the island in a small, six-seater Piper Saratoga II. Numerous lessons were taken, and John became quite an experienced flyer.

On Friday July 16th, 1999 — John was to pilot his wife and her sister, Lauren, to Martha’s Vineyard to attend a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of his cousin, Rory Kennedy, to Mark Bailey. That day was swelteringly hot and had left the skies quite hazy, and the moon not visible. The conditions were not terrible, but were certainly not ideal for flying.

From their take-off at 8:38pm, little other details are known following this time. Tragically, just a few miles out from the island, the plane lost altitude quickly, and crash-landed into the ocean off Gay Head. Both the Kennedy & Bessette families — along with the rest of the world — watched television reports anxiously for any news. But dreadfully, there were no survivors.

It was a heartbreaking ending to this wonderfully vivacious love story.

{great love stories № 08 | john f. kennedy jr. & carolyn bessette}
Their story may not be a long one — just a handful of beautiful years spent together — but there is no denying how deeply they loved one another. In the numerous images left of the couple laughing, kissing or even just gazing into one another’s eyes — there is not a skerrick of doubt that the great love story of this adventurous, elegant, and completely smitten couple will be remembered fondly for a many years to come . . .


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