{two lovely things : billowy pinks & dusky blues, again}



. . . monday, monday, and after the luxurious quietness of the weekend, already, a flurry of things — coffee and tea and telephone calls, emails and arrangements and side-swept chignons, and in the midst of it all, seem to be in quite in love with billowy pinks & blues [still &] lately [here, here, here & here], perhaps for the instant calm their intermingling seems to exude, moments of repose like tea in the afternoon . . .

happy monday! hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, and that your week is off to a perfect start,
roséline xo

RECENT | two lovely things

* pink & carerra
* city shorts & red, red lips
* white & fuchsia
* glittery shoes & lacy underthings
* colour inspiration : shades of grey
* trompe-l’œil & morning coffee
* ponytails & polka dots
* a place for everything
* shades of autumn
* lace & leopard print
* ruggedly refined
* green & white
* open shelves & elegant black

[images : interior design by
suzanne kasler via ~laura~ /// le dans la]