{décor inspiration : the perfect mix of art and life}


. . . and it has been a while since there has been décor that so inspired — not since the display cabinets, in fact, has there been anything that made one take a second look — that is, until recently happening upon the story behind tom develan‘s inspiration for his own spaces: “general whiteness punctuated with dabs of color” and
“the perfect balance of color and whiteness, of scribbles and negative space, of spontaneity and mindfulness“; and it all began with a photograph by horst p. horst of artist’s cy twombly‘s home, and ended with the perfect mix of art and life . . .




[images: tom delavan‘s living room, gilt home & the new york times via simply smitten by kirstin kerr; painting by cy twombly, triumph of galatea, 1961 via here]