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. . . as you know, recently, there was a spectacularly lovely give-away here at {this is glamorous}, for a gold amphora necklace [above]—white gold or yellow gold, scalloped or heart-shape . . . and there were heartrending tales of love and loss, of those fondly remembered, and never to be forgotten, and there were notes from all over the world, as far away as australia and singapore . . .



. . . and so, today, so very excited to announce that a winner has been selected . . .

. . . and the winner is: katherine doran, from newport beach, california, who is now in the wonderful predicament of choosing from:

01 | scallop design, in 14k yellow gold [$960.00 usd] or 14k white gold [$960.00 usd]

02 | heart design, in 14k yellow gold [$840.00 usd] or in 14k white gold [$840.00 usd]

[or the butterfly design in sterling silver]

*** congratulations katherine! ***

. . . and a very warm thank you to everyone who entered, with sweet valentine’s wishes to follow,
roséline xo

[images: lena erzia via sarah // park & cube via note to self // emily c // park & cube // a previous post, a special thank you to sarah for making the selection]