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I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.

~ Audrey Hepburn


Perhaps every girl’s first makeup memory is trying on lipstick as a child, in an attempt to rush into the world of grown-ups: a whirlwind of galas and coffee dates and afternoons spent shopping — all while donning a stunning crimson rouge à lèvres . . .


But imagine how truly and utterly glamorous would it must have been to wear lipstick in Ancient Mesopotamia, where glittering jewels were crushed and used to decorate the lips.


Since we can no longer crush emeralds and rubies and sapphires to create our lip colours, as the holidays approach, we must begin the search for the most perfect lipstick to match glittering party gowns.


And there is no lipstick line more ideal than Ilia for the cold winter months that also happen to hold some of the most glamorous events of the year.


Created with 85 percent organic ingredients, Ilia combines the ultimate in moisturizing power combined with sheer lip color — and the best part is, one no longer has to carry a separate lip conditioner, gloss and lipstick in impossibly chic, but tiny evening clutches . . .
Sasha Plavsic, founder and creator of Ilia, used an ethical and sustainable approach when creating her lip care line. Filled with certified organic bio-active botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the lips, each tube of Ilia lipstick comes in simply luxurious and eco-chic recycled aluminum packaging, mirroring the quality of the product.


Sasha, who was born in Vancouver, Canada, began her career working in branding for fashion brands in New York and London.


Her experiences in the fashion industry motivated her to start her own company, and one day, as she was going through her own makeup bag, she noticed that organic makeup brands were in need of better packaging and design.


Sasha then made it her goal to produce safe beauty products that women can love for their chic look and trust for their outstanding quality, and Ilia born . . .


In this week’s {favorite five} we sat down with Sasha, [who loves to spend her holidays in inspiring surroundings to keep her mind open to new ideas], and asked for her:
{top five favourite holiday gift ideas}


1. Anything from Shakuhachi — they have amazing clothes.

2. Jewelry from Saya Gallery — the best home and gift store.

3. A snakeskin clutch, which is available in abundance in Bali, and fits the daily essentials, including lipstick!

4. A mini Ganesha statue is a good luck gift and this little elephant is known as the remover of obstacles.

5. A great gift idea is a hand-dyed batik sarong — they last forever.



Laily Mesbah
Contributor, New York City

Laily lives in NYC and began contributing to This is Glamorous in 2011 - interviewing designers for a popular series called Favourite Five. Her background ranges from studying documentary photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan to founding Project Flora, a company that works with florists, event planners, and socially-conscious brides and grooms to resell flowers after events, donating a part of the proceeds to charity. She currently runs a digital media and marketing company servicing an array of clients, including Flower Girl NYC and Lushlife Nailworks. Her new column, La Fête, explores trends in the world of event design and planning.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Please. please. please tell me where that wedding gown is from. PLEASE. I adore it.

  • This is such a fascinating post! (and a great surprise to see someone originally from my city featured, too) Ilia looks like a fabulous line—I would definitely like to try a few this Christmas… beautiful and organic? It doesn’t get any better.


  • Crushed jewels for lip color..what a dream. I can only imagine how beautiful that must have been.

  • One of my clients recently gifted me with an Ilia lipstick. This has become my new favorite lip product! Smells glorious, glides on smoothly, sheer with a hint of color. Love!

  • I love everything in this piece! pleasure to read as always! beautiful images to go with the interesting topic, so much thought put in it as always. By the way I noticed you included one of my favourite Australian designers in your Top Holiday gift ideas, been a fan of Shakuhaci for many year :)

  • Love that Audrey Hepburn quote! And the idea of a lip conditioner, gloss and lipstick in one sounds really appealing. Going to check it out.

  • rebecca — yes, me as well! crushed jewels in lipstick — imagine! was my favourite part to read — although, come to think of it, currently have a ysl lip gloss with tiny flecks of actual 24k gold for the most amazing shimmer . . .


  • I had no idea they did that in ancient Mesopotamia. I’m 100% intrigued!

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