{take me away № 05 | the travel file}


Perhaps the single most important of details before you depart for your trip, [besides your packing list!, of course], is taking care of the things you treasure most of all: your home and the loved ones in it, and the details of your life.


Many travel for business and/or vacation without giving much thought to possibility that something might happen to them while away, and though it is never favorable to think upon, it is important to take extra measures to ensure everything is in order, and so, today’s {take me away} column discusses some of the important details one must take care of beforehand, as well as a few other important things to take along on the voyage . . .


T H E · T R A V E L · I N F O R M A T I O N · L I S T

Each destination [as there could be multiple destinations planned for one trip] would have its own set of details [repeated for each destination] that should include the following information:

destination: be specific, i.e. London, UK

method of travel:
car rental company & contact information, train or flight details, airline and contact information, etc.

destination accommodations:
where you are staying, be it as a guest with family or friends, hotel, rental home, etc. along with name and address, website and/or telephone number


departure date:
when you expect to arrive at the given destination

date of return: day, month, year

method of travel:
which flight, with details; or car, train, etc. with details, if different from above

expected arrival time:
by estimation [vital to include]


It is important to leave your emergency contact information with whomever is staying at your home while you are away — be it a neighbor, family member, or a trusted friend. Feel free to use this list as a starting point for your own. You may wish to customize some of the notations, especially if you have numerous pets, children at home, and/or additional people living within your home.


E M E R G E N C Y · C O N T A C T · & · I N F O · L I S T

It should be noted that a standing power of attorney should be placed in charge [with written documentation] in the event that you become incapacitated; you may feel much more at ease knowing that your loved ones, home, business, etc. are taken care of.


alarm & locks: be sure to give all lock and alarm information, including your entry/exit code, company arming your home and security code [if the alarm goes off]

your information: your full legal name, and legal name of all traveling with you [i.e. spouse, children, friends, etc.) as well as your date of birth and that of all of those of immediate family traveling with you

pets: if you have a pet or pets, where they are staying, the phone number and vet contact information, as well as notations about any known conditions


main contact: name and telephone number [i.e. spouse, sister, neighbour, etc.] for all major needs, questions, etc.; the main contact should be someone close by, who knows you well

home contact: if you rent your home, include the landlord or manager’s name and number
trade(s) contact: if you own your home, leave a list of trades you would use in the event of emergency [i.e. plumber, yard maintenance, furnace, etc.]


who may stop by: if you are expecting anyone to visit your home while you are away, include a description, name, [i.e. lawn maintenance, family, etc.] and vehicle, if applicable

mail / parcels: if you require your mail to be picked up daily, and/or are expecting a package to be delivered in your absence, include such details


indoor/ourdoor care:
include information about timers and lights; also, if watering needs to be done inside/out, care of pets to stay in home or outdoors [i.e. fish]

additional: any additional notes, for instance, if you are having someone stay at your home, you may wish to include television, food & beverage information, etc.


{a home tip} : Consider the time of year you are traveling — do you live in a freezing climate and will require extra care for your home [i.e. turning off outside water taps]? Also, if you plan to be away for more than two weeks, toilets must be flushed and all taps must be run [every two weeks] to keep lines primed.


It is vital to secure all of your important information in an envelope and to give it to a close family member, friend or lawyer in trust.

The envelope should include: a copy of your will, all banking information, access information for important accounts that require pins/passwords such as email, websites, iPhone, etc. [anything that would need to be dealt with in your absence]


· F I L E · T O – G O

You may also want to consider organizing your own personal travel file to take along with you. Whether you plan every moment of your trip in great detail or plan to travel spontaneously, you may wish to assemble a tidy file to assist you on your trip, including several details such as:


your list: a copy of the very same lists that you left at home [above]
yours as well as any other family members traveling along with you

a detailed itinerary of what you have planned, would like to see, etc., so as not to forget or lose track of times, destinations, etc.

airline, and also to any events planned

print out all confirmations including airline, hotel, car rental, etc.

any maps you plan to use [or plan ahead of time on your smart phone/device]


You may also wish to include the number of your travel agent [printed and on your telephone or device].


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