{two lovely things: perfectly mismatched}



. . . two sinks, side by side — his & hers — a chrome and glass cocktail table as a shelf for perfume and hair pins, and perfectly mismatch mirrors before the busy-ness of the day begins . . .

{p.s.} if you’re looking for us, we {p. & i} have traded in the hustle & bustle of the city for a place in front of the fire, in an impossibly romantic log cabin in the mountains, with very spotty internet access, a million miles from everything x


recent two lovely things
* on display

* books & blossoms
* gilded chalkboards & garden sheds
* green & white
* open shelves & elegant black
* bar carts & blossoms

* books & bouquets
* a paris apartment & hermès
* secret gardens & on the terrace
* ruggedly refined
* rest & relaxation

image: living gazette}

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  • These are so beautifully mismatched! I love them, takes the cliché out of the design.. perfect!

    ♡ Fox Whiskers

  • Perfectly mismatched is right! Love this.

  • i absolutely love this. completely different shapes but complimentary in design; the perfect representation of ‘his & hers.’

    have a beautiful weekend away in your cozy cabin!

  • That’s a nice thing!

  • So pretty. Love the idea of the round table between the two…perfect for toiletries!!

  • everything matches but the mirrors! Loved it! the unexpected! her side must be the right one, beautiful vintage-princess mirror

  • I actually love the cocktail table most in this photo. It’s really genius. We only have one pedestal sink, and unfortunately it’s not the wide type like above where you can rest a bottle of soap on the sink. We’ve had to put it in the medicine cabinet! I believe we’ve got just enough room to place one of those cocktail tables on the side of the sink, and since it doesn’t take up a lot of visual room, it just might work. Thanks for the great inspiration photo!

  • so cute :) that’d be adorable, getting ready together in the morning.

  • I love the look of different mirrors together. On design shows, I’ve seen a horizontal row of vintage mirrors and several vintage mirrors assembled into a vertical rectangle to form one mirror. May be trying one of these looks soon at home.

  • I ADORE the mismatched mirrors! Something I am definitely going to put away in the back of my mind as something to try out!! Very good and unique idea!

  • Really like this! I have the same glass cocktail tables, hmm.. speaking of inspiration. I wish my bathroom was big enough to do something like this.

    Have a great time!!


  • I’m a sucker for symmetry!

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