{at the shops: summer trips}


. . . at this moment, writing to you from a beautiful hotel room in a beautiful city, moments before breakfast is set to arrive, unlike these unbearably chic hand-stitched luggage tags, which would have been perfect, but would not have arrived in time for wednesday morning’s early flight; perhaps for the next, but for the moment, breakfast, and so, à bientôt . . .

hope you’re having a lovely week so far,
~ roséline xo



{p.s.} and since we have been on the topic recently, this shop also makes stunning personalized, hand-stitched ipad cases


{also:} more ipad cases here

{images: 1-3, luggage tags & ipad case from hong kong-based shop harlex, via rdujour; 4 – j.crew sandals, 9 to 5 chic}