{favourite five: floral stylist denise porcaro, part 2}




Summer is in full bloom, and that means being whisked away in flowing chiffon dresses to park picnics that have been long-awaited, basking in the glowing sunshine. Summer means long leisurely walks in the city, it means holding hands watching the sunset over the lush poppy fields of the countryside, it is the time when we can slow down to savor every moment and connect with the outdoors again.


And of course we couldn’t help but to notice it all being more beautified with flowers, flowers everywhere. Whether in lush park gardens flooded with sunlight, in the bright floral prints worn poolside, afternoon dinner party tables adorned with peony arrangements, or in the crowns of daisies in our hair, flowers remind us that planting a seed and putting in the hard work has the most alluring and divine results, and that the warmth of summer is finally here to delight in.


This week, in a special follow-up interview, we called on the expert of glamorous bouquets and blossoms, Denise Porcaro of Flower Girl New York, to share with us her:


{top five favourite flowers}

1. Lily of the Valley
“This blossom reminds me of my childhood, as it was always blooming in the spring on my block in my hometown of Jackson Heights, Queens; my grandmother’s home was on that same block and this flower always reminds me of her.”

2. Honeysuckle

“This is another flower that takes me back to my childhood summers — my aunt and uncle had the most beautiful honeysuckle vines behind their house; my mother showed me how to suck the honeysuckle out, and I was fascinated by that as a child. Their scent is intoxicating.”

3. Grass

“. . . reminds me of weekends in Long Island, taking in the summer sun and putting my toes in the grass.”

4. Orchids
“There are so many different types of orchids, each unique and beautiful in their own way. Orchids remind me of going to the flower market when I first started my business — I was just in awe of how amazing these flowers are and how many varieties of orchids there are. The vibrant colors they come in really struck me — realizing that these vibrant colors actually grow in nature was such an “aha” moment for me!”

5. Garden Rose
“I just love the simplicity of this delicate flower. We take roses for granted because they are everywhere, but if you see a true garden rose, it is just so stunning when it is not processed.


{p.s.} Roséline adores all flowers, but especially roses & stargazer lilies; I love ranunculus, lilacs and peonies — what are your favourite flowers?

{images: 1 – fleur; 2 – the cherry blossom girl via pinterest; 3 – wyck garden; 3 – portrait of denise porcaro by garance doré}

Laily Mesbah
Contributor, New York City

Laily lives in NYC and began contributing to This is Glamorous in 2011 - interviewing designers for a popular series called Favourite Five. Her background ranges from studying documentary photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan to founding Project Flora, a company that works with florists, event planners, and socially-conscious brides and grooms to resell flowers after events, donating a part of the proceeds to charity. She currently runs a digital media and marketing company servicing an array of clients, including Flower Girl NYC and Lushlife Nailworks. Her new column, La Fête, explores trends in the world of event design and planning.

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  • my favorite flowers are calla lilies. :)

    i look forward to this feature every week! thank you for the inspiration!

  • I love orchids… such a lovely post….


  • Hi, at our cottage we have a lot of lily of the vally, it’s so lovely when it’s in bloom, and one of my favourites…it reminds me of my boyfriends sister (she’s no longer with us any more) and she planted these lovelies..btw really like your favourite of five series…


  • Orchids are my all-tie favorite too!
    That girl is gorgeous.
    xo C.

  • OOO this is fabulous!! I love lilys!!!!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • I have to agree on the honey suckle as a favorite, brings back memories from childhood!

  • Laily (& Roséline), absolutely love this! First of all, your writing is so beautiful and I love how you described summer as a time to connect with the outdoors again… and of lush gardens with flowers everywhere, or arrangements at quaint tables. Just so lovely!

    Denise Porcaro is amazing, and I adored reading her top 5 flower favourites. I too adore honeysuckle and for a very similar reason! Near where I lived on the East Coast, there were honeysuckle bushes and I learned to suck out the sweet nectar — and as she described, the smell is so divine! It is such a special flower. I also adore what she described of the true garden rose, and how amazing that she points out the beauty of grass.

    My favourite flowers are roses, peonies, tulips, and honeysuckle, and some of the wild flowers I would see around Italy… so beautiful. Amazing favourite five, as always!

  • Love the first picture. So lovely :)

  • Jaclyn Perry said...

    Orchids are so beautiful!

  • Such a gorgeous post, and so perfect for this lovely summer day. Always adore flowers, and although always prefer bouquets of peonies, have such a soft spot for garden roses. xx

  • Lily of the Valley is my absolute favorite as well. I never knew that flower was called honeysuckle. Good to know because I’d love to plant them, they’re so pretty.

    Just a Silhouette

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