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. . . quite smitten with these lovely storage solutions — an elegantly rustic portobello cabinet in perfect pink, that can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor, and also comes in cream & sea green . . . and a pretty metal coat hanger strewn with roses, perfect for soft towels or pretty silk negligees . . .

{p.s.} the cabinet would also be lovely for displaying favourite shoes

portobello cabinet & roses trip coat hanger from graham and green}

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  • I am MADLY In love with the pink cabinet!

    Peace & love


  • That cabinet is such an eyecatcher! I LOVE it in pink … how striking it is when the rest of the room is white! And the hanger is lovely too … expecially with that pretty pale pink hanging from it! xo

  • i love that cabinet!! i’ve been searching for 2 bedside tables for my bedroom, and might actually try to order 2 of these and put them on the floor with a lamp on top.

  • The pink cabinet is just TOO cute!

  • so much more lovely than Ikea

  • Yes to that anytime …
    The pink cabinet is certainly my type ♥

  • I love these images. Especially the rose coat rack. I could see a pretty robe hanging on it. I like the idea of elegant storage. Just cleaned out my clothes closet last night.I think I’ll start by picking a perfect color to paint it.

  • rachel — yes! wouldn’t a row of pink cabinets filled with shoes be lovely? as always, thank you so much for your lovely visits & a wonderful monday to you as well x

    timbarikadoll — thank you! & how fun that it has been on your wishlist

    meenal @ maison marigold — thank you & the sea green is lovely, but shall always adore pink best :)

    petitebroderie — thank you so much! x

  • That bathroom is gorgeous! I want that pink cabinet so bad, it would add just enough of a feminine touch to any bathroom.

  • Oh to have a pink bathroom cabinet!

  • Your blog are very glamorous, and elegant!!!! Your images are ver, very beatiful!!! Esther

  • I love these both but that cabinet is so pretty! It would work in so many places :)

  • I love the portobello cabinet…prefer the sea-green though…that hanger is just so gorgeous and feminine…perfect for a walk-in wardrobe or a bathroom!!beautiful post to start the week. have a good one!!xx meenal

  • I LOVE Graham & Green! And this cabinet has been on my wishlist for a bit, its just so sweet & you can use it for so much..great choice!! Have a sweet day!! xx

  • I absolutely love creative ideas for storage and the excuse to keep things neatly tucked away in an extra pretty place! Both the pink cabinet and the lovely metal hanger are so pretty, and I’m really smitten over your idea to store shoes in the cabinet! Feeling inspired…

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday!!


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