{a glossary of rose fragrances}




. . . at this moment, there are beautiful bouquets of roses everywhere, creating a perfumed oasis with a million softly luxurious scents lingering in the air, and during these moments, am reminded of martha stewart‘s glossary or rose fragrances — there are modern roses and climbing roses, hybrid tea roses and old garden roses, and whether light or heady, vanilla or musk, always fascinating to read about the different varieties, and about how each rose’s scent varies with the weather and time of day, strongest on mild and somewhat humid mornings, and fading or changing as the hours pass by . . .

{p.s.} what is your favourite scent — fresh, floral, spicy, sexy . . . ? and you have a signature scent?

{images: scans by this is glamorous from martha stewart march 2009, photography by victoria pearson}

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  • i think i love them all … roses are the most sensual fragrance in the world… xx

  • I was having an utterly mediocre verging on sad day and this made me burst into a smile right at my desk.

    Your blog is consistently fantastic.

    Thank you so much!

  • Beautiful pictures! Makes me excited for spring.

    I love the scent of laundry freshly out of the drying…mmm…so comforting! As for my signature scent – I’ve been wearing “Cool Water for Women” by Davidoff since middle school!

  • I’m a fresh scent lover – clean laundry just out of the dryer …mmm…so comforting!
    My signature scent is “Cool Water” for women by Davidoff. Have been wearing it since middle school!

  • Signature scent? It has to be ‘Coco’ my grandmother wore it, my Mum did and now I do too. Maybe one day I will feel mature enough to graduate onto No.5!

  • These photographs of roses are absolutely stunning, and put me in a good mood right away this morning. We have a park of roses I like to visit in the summer, and I wish I were there right now!

  • Absolutely in love with roses, they really have to be the most perfect flower…just astonishing beauty and romantic scents of bliss. I’m so glad you shared this glossary from Martha Stewart, really so intrigued to learn more and more of scents… and how fascinating that the scents vary with the weather and time of day! I would say that floral and sexy are 2 of my favourite scents. Currently my favourite perfume has a floral tone with a sweet hint of jasmine and a touch of vanilla. I have been so addicted to the smell that I have been wearing it every day!

    This lovely post has made me so excited for Springtime and now I just want to swim in a bed of roses… :)


  • This is so pretty and intriguing, Roséline, as always :)

    The layout and colors alone are just lovely… as for scents, I must say, I tend to prefer something a little softer. I think my most favorite has to be the Chanel as we’ve talked about… though I’m really surprised to like Coach’s new scent. I was picking up a gift for a friend a few weeks ago, tried it, and really enjoyed it, especially for Spring and day wear. (I believe it is the “Legacy” fragrance) For evenings, I like something a little stronger and romantic…

    Hope you’re having a great Tuesday, no wait, Wednesday where you are.


  • Martha can do no wrong in my book… (well other than that whole prison thing… but who’s counting!) These flowers are stunning. I always adore the presentation she does in her magazines.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    That Girl in Pearls

  • So pretty! I love everything roses! Currently my favorite perfume is 1842 Rosa Alba by Happ & Stahns. The bottle is very lovely.

  • how utterly gorgeous!! perfect spring post…at this time of the year( it’ll soon be summer in delhi) i like fresh citrus-y scents…xx meenal

  • Gorgeous!

  • These images are al beautiful !!

  • So gorgeous and lovely!
    I love roses and peonies!

    My signature scent is Yves Saint Laurent’s “Paris” :)

  • Most helpful as I am going to try my hand at growing roses this year. Oh, to have a garden of colour like this. Lovely. XO

  • So pretty..and roses happens to be one of my favorite scents. Love Jo Malone roses and wear Chanel no 5…two of my faves!

  • this is just what I needed for some goodnight dreams! beautiful pink flowers! xoxo

  • I really like floral/fresh scents the most. My favorite scent is Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. It reminds me of honeysuckles in the summer breeze and the scent is just so wonderful.

  • Oh what a delicious topic. I know this issue and have the pages torn out and saved, as you have. Favorite rose for scent? Oh so difficult to choose. Bibi Maizoon(David Austin English rose) is slightly spicy and gorgeous, Souvenir de la Malmaison (1843 French Bourbon, white climbing rose), or perhaps the scent Rose de Rescht (Iranian, Damask)… slightly spicy with a deep, heady rush. This is what I consider a classic rose color and scent (the petals make for an excellent rose cocktail). My signature fragrance is Drole de Rose (L’Artisan). It is like a fading Damask rose and a touch of violets… swirling with feminine mystery and memories. Oh these thoughts of early summer evenings. So sweet…

  • Lily of the valley
    In may I always hunt them… and they live where the mosquitoshunts me…

    It’s all worth it. Not only is there no other scent in the world like them… They are the prettiest flowers there are.

  • so beautiful! I am in love with this blog post. gorgeous. i am inclined to the spicy as far as smells go. super earthy too.

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