{a glossary of rose fragrances}



. . . at this moment, there are beautiful bouquets of roses everywhere, creating a perfumed oasis with a million softly luxurious scents lingering in the air, and during these moments, am reminded of martha stewart‘s glossary or rose fragrances — there are modern roses and climbing roses, hybrid tea roses and old garden roses, and whether light or heady, vanilla or musk, always fascinating to read about the different varieties, and about how each rose’s scent varies with the weather and time of day, strongest on mild and somewhat humid mornings, and fading or changing as the hours pass by . . .

{p.s.} what is your favourite scent — fresh, floral, spicy, sexy . . . ? and you have a signature scent?

{images: scans by this is glamorous from martha stewart march 2009, photography by victoria pearson}