{home again & hello}


. . . hello, hello! . . . just in, after a week in paris, home again late yesterday, and today feels like a monday, complete with a very fashionably late start, and after traipsing about nearly completely {& perhaps a little unbelievably} off-line, including facebook, twitter, twitpic, instagram, etc. {somewhat of an accomplishment over workaholic tendencies}, it’s back to business with over 1,000 things unread in google reader and nearly 2,000 email messages . . . and with travel cases filled with party dresses, lacy skirts and pretty shoes barely unpacked . . . for now, a few moments to catch up and to catch my breath . . .

looking forward to catching up with you soon & hope you’re having a perfectly wonderful week so far,

{images: we heart it via the paris apartment; white elephant}