{in my closet : tartan hooded paddington}



. . . had been planning to debut this fun new feature earlier in the week, but it’s the holidays and things are already a beautiful whirlwind of festivities, and so, today, wonderfully excited to announce a brand new series: in my closet, a glimpse of some of the things that am currently wearing & adore, beginning with this ultra-stylish and perfectly preppy tartan hooded coat . . .




. . . always a certain fondness for all things classic & a little preppy, and especially for tartan, and while have always adored lauren moffat‘s vintage-chic style, absolutely adore the fall 2010 collection, with its cashmere cardigans and silk charmeuse tops, but especially the tartan pieces, and most of all, this tartan coat, perfect with jeans and tall leather boots {and opera gloves if it’s chilly}
for traipsing about on early december afternoons, or belted and paired with socks and heels for an evening at a new gallery exhibition, or lattes for two beneath the chandeliers of a quaint café . . .

{images: café chairs by nina’s clicks on flickr /// gold french press via a previous post /// all other photography by p for this is glamorous, styling   for this is glamorous, and a very special thank you to my sister for modelling xo}

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  • so the anthro jacket by Madchen is the same as the Lauren Moffatt one! Anthro still carries the jacket if you are looking at it.

    I recently saw that the swiss miss sweater from Lauren Moffatt was sold on anthro’s site under Lauren Moffatt brand, but at a brick and mortar shop the same sweater had the Madchen tag…

    I can only assume Madchen and Lauren Moffatt are one and the same?

  • this is wonderfully exciting! your blog is so beautiful already – i am thrilled over the new series! it is off to a great start! and those boots – love!

  • where are the boots from? i love them just as much as i love the jacket!

  • Love this!!!

  • fxox said...

    Hey Miss R, Im guessing twin shots in one of your posts if you and your sister have the same coloured hair:-) Looking forward to the next in my closet post:-)!!

    And great editing Miss R:-)

  • What a lovely surprise, Roséline :)

    Your new series will be such a fabulous addition to the variety of inspiration that you share. I love this new coat of yours, with the leather belt-like details on the sleeve—so different from all of the camel and military green options that I have been seeing lately. Did you share a little peek of a close-up, detail shot on facebook before? I wonder if it’s the same piece that I remember… love it. Quite the classic statement piece!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far, and fun wrapping up parcels* xoxo

  • It’s wonderful to actually “see” you, however slight. ;)

    You look gorgeous and I love the idea of peeking in your closet!

    More please!


    November Grey

  • Anonymous said...

    i was honestly trying to get one, cause its absolutely fab and you know what?!?
    guys, they are SOLD OUT!
    so what now? *sad*


  • I almost picked up something super similar at Anthropologie just this evening! Smashing my dear!

  • Kacie said...

    Where can I find those boots? I am in love with them!


  • felicity — you are just too cute & p loved your comment :) but as for the photo editing, must take full credit :) xoxo

  • fxox said...

    Ok just one last thing before I stop clogging up your comments box….

    Its for P and in summary it is….

    “Move over Mario Testino :-)”

    Great shots P, love photo editing too


  • dallas — hadn’t realized anthropologie also had a version — must check it out — this one is from lauren moffat — hope you’re having a fantastic monday xo

  • tried this coat on at anthro last week- it’s sooo flattering on!


  • deanne maureen — one of the nicest comments ever — thank you so much — for reading, and for taking a moment for such thoughtful words — definitely a wonderful way to begin the week! xoxo

  • missg — thank you :)

    rachel — you are so lovely and definitely owe you a visit — off to say hello now . . .


  • I adore this cape! Really feeling the tartan lately.

  • why hello, miss felicity! and knew you would love :) yes, my sis, but also yes re: new red hair — this is the very shade i got from my recent visits to the salon, and hilarious re: chandeliers, chevron floors, stacked fire wood and marble ♥ and definitely something sequined next! xoxo

  • fxox said...

    Ah sorry, just realised, its your sister?? Shes beautiful:-)

  • fxox said...

    Oh, I Love It!!!!! This is a great feature!! Love your new red hair from the visit to the hairdressers recently and of course I am not surprised that its a tartan and trench coat as your first post on “what I wear”.

    Hmmm, Let me guess, sequins for the next one??!!

    (this is only because unfortunately one cannot wear chandeliers, chevron floors, stacked fire wood and marble:-)!:-)

    HUGS and a big smile on my face!! FXOXO

  • I too have always been in love with all things classic and preppy, and I have to say this outfit is simply the epitome preppy and chic to perfection! The tartan coat is to die for and the last photo is out-of-this-world-beautiful.

    I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am about this new series! You have such a beautiful sense of style..looking forward to much more!


  • I’ve been reading your blog for almost one year now and it is by far my favorite! Not only do I find each and every photo you post to be perfection, but I also adore the way you write and describe things. Your fan base is very, very well-deserved!

  • That new feature is such a great idea! Your tartan is beautiful! nice pictures.

  • megan — :)

    marianne — how lovely! & welcome — adore meeting new readers and hope to see you here again xo

    tee — me as well & thanks so much

    audrey marie — so happy to hear :)

    the simply luxurious life — thank you! & to you as well xo

    av — you must! especially for the holidays…

    hope everyone is well & as always, thanks so much for your lovely visits and thoughtful comments


  • I only wish I were so brave to wear something so chic! This is absolutely gorgeous :) xo

  • Your sister looks gorgeous. I love the look you’ve put together. What a wonderful idea for a new series. Have a lovely start to the week. :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Just gorgeous~ Beautiful and serene, elegant and romantic, wonderful and love it all, as always. I appreciate and enjoy the calm delicacy and the prettiness of detail.


  • I love the idea, you look fab. I look forward to seeing more.

  • plaid prep perfection!

  • beautiful! classic and lovely.

  • I adore it! Your whole outfit is perfect. You look put together without trying too hard. Glad you are starting this series.

  • love this new feature! and that cape. there is one at anthropologie like that i’ve been eyeing.

  • That is such a gorgeous coat! The belt detailing on the sleeves, the cut, the hood & the tartan…love it! Love these photos too, and it’s so nice ‘to see you’! ;)

  • Love! I adore all things classic, preppy and plaid. You blog is one of my newly discovered faves. xo

  • I’m a beyond excited that I found your blog. I LOVE it! The coat is pretty fabulous too! Looking forward to this series and reading all of the other glamorous things on your blog!

  • Anonymous said...

    love it <3
    absolutely stylish and very beautiful!
    have to get it…


  • yay! so excited for this series. :)

  • amy — thank you! having a wonderful weekend & hope yours is as well

    the iconic blog — thanks so much! it’s been very fun to put together

    eleni — :)

    kathryn — so lovely of you to say — thank you! & yes, think they sold out fairly quickly, but certain there will be more tartan in future collections…

    cloud of secrets — thanks so much — will definitely, but for now, it’s my sister, wearing all my things :)

    thanks so much for all the thoughtful comments on this new series — hope you’re having a beautiful weekend so far,

  • Gorgeous yet so comfortable looking and chic. Not to mention those adorable boots.

  • Beautiful – a bold piece, but so elegantly yet casually styled. I’m glad you’ll be showing more pictures of yourself and your style!

  • I have been hoping you would start a series like this! Thanks!!! I love all things preppy and that coat is amazing. Too bad they are all sold out!

  • I love outfits that look stylish and comfortable at the same time!

  • So gorgeous! Love this new series!!xx

  • Beautiful and so stylish! I love the boots too :) hope you’re having a great weekend! amy

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