{in my closet : tartan hooded paddington}


. . . had been planning to debut this fun new feature earlier in the week, but it’s the holidays and things are already a beautiful whirlwind of festivities, and so, today, wonderfully excited to announce a brand new series: in my closet, a glimpse of some of the things that am currently wearing & adore, beginning with this ultra-stylish and perfectly preppy tartan hooded coat . . .




. . . always a certain fondness for all things classic & a little preppy, and especially for tartan, and while have always adored lauren moffat‘s vintage-chic style, absolutely adore the fall 2010 collection, with its cashmere cardigans and silk charmeuse tops, but especially the tartan pieces, and most of all, this tartan coat, perfect with jeans and tall leather boots {and opera gloves if it’s chilly}
for traipsing about on early december afternoons, or belted and paired with socks and heels for an evening at a new gallery exhibition, or lattes for two beneath the chandeliers of a quaint café . . .

{images: café chairs by nina’s clicks on flickr /// gold french press via a previous post /// all other photography by p for this is glamorous, styling   for this is glamorous, and a very special thank you to my sister for modelling xo}