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. . . one of the loveliest things about writing a blog is receiving so wonderful letters from readers from around the world — thoughtful words and lovely thoughts, and sometimes, questions or requests for recommendations, such as glamorous reader katie’s, who is planning an upcoming art history trip and would love any travel suggestions you may have for florence, rome, capri, sorrento & athens . . .

Hi Roseline,

I love your blog and read it everyday for the dreamy, enchanting images; you really have fantastic taste.

I’m going on a high-school trip with my art history class to Italy for 11 days this summer (2 of which will be spent in an airplane), and was hoping you might have some recommendations for while I am there. I want to feel like Audrey in Roman Holiday!

I don’t know that you’ve been to any of the places I’m traveling to (Florence, Rome, Capri, Sorrento, and Athens), since I can’t remember ever seeing any posts about your own trips there, but if you have or if you know anyone who has been to any of those spots, I’d really appreciate your suggestions.

During the day we’re mostly going to museums,galleries, and the like, but we seem to have afternoons and nights free (although I think we may all be going to same places for dinner, because the itinerary says that breakfast and dinner are included). I know we’re not staying in particularly nice hotels, so I was really hoping for a way to make the trip as fabulous as possible. My parents are paying for most of the trip, so I’m in charge of spending money (for lunch, shopping, extra activities), so I can essentially spend as much as I can make before the trip, although, being 17, I’m still going to have a relatively small budget.

We’ll be going to Florence for three days, Rome for two, Capri for one (and spending the night in Sorrento since the accommodations on Capri are so expensive), and then Athens for two days, I believe. If you have any recommendations for any of those places, such as cafés, shops, beaches in Capri or Sorrento, or any other lovely spots, I’d so love to try to accommodate them into my trip.

Thank you so much for any suggestions and for your lovely, lovely blog,

{image: tati cotliar and melissa tammerijn by benjamin alexander huseby for harper’s bazaar US, october 2010 via oh}