{table for two: katie quinn davies}


. . . must confess am rather quite a disaster in the kitchen, but could happily recommend the best tarte niçoise or crème brulée in town, share the most delicious-tasting recipes and beautiful cookbooks and could most definitely gaze at stunning food photography forever, and so, was utterly delighted to happen upon what katie ate, a blog by australian food photographer katie quinn davies, who cooks, styles, and photographs every delectable recipe and may even inspire an afternoon venture back into the kitchen . . .

{p.s.} also fun: a peek at katie’s home

{images: photography by katie quinn davies, via pretty good; also seen on decor8}

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  • perfectly yummy shots!

  • FXOX said...

    Dear Miss R, how could I resist meeting you here – surrounded by raspberry tarts, chocy mousse and macaroons ! Mmmmmm!

    Im in heaven!

    Smiles FOXXO

  • missy – think that may be one of the nicest comments ever! thanks so much!

    felicity – well hello miss felicity! fancy meeting you here :) so happy you’re having such lovely weather – here as well! couldn’t adore summer more – hope you’re having a wonderful time with the guests!

    ceo – so nice! thank you :)

    ana louisa – was thinking the same – perhaps that is what drew me to her work?


  • I’ve seen Katie’s work before and it’s always so inspiring, natural… everything looks magic.

  • Gorgeous. Reminds me of a spread in my favorite former food magazine, Gourmet. How I miss Gourmet.

    Thanks for posting…xo, A


  • that raspberry tart looks too good!


  • yum…. lovely post.. all of your posts are lovely though….


  • FXOX said...

    I should have realised you’d love her work :-)

    Hugs bug and hope youre having a lovely day :-) is magic here – beautiful one day, perfect the next:-)

    Hugs FXOXO

  • delicious! you can turn a hard day around in one glance! love you, this is glam! xo

  • Great find and thanks for sharing…Pasta alla pomodoro e pesto…mi piace molto.

  • yum! Creme brulee. Could use some of that now. Lovely photos!

  • Such a pretty find, Roséline! I really like her style of photography — it’s so sweet and fresh :)

    Hope you’re having a lovely week as well,


  • {p.s.} so happy to hear am not the only one who’s not great in the kitchen :)


  • Gorgeous photos! So beautifully styled…

  • Those macaroons look divine!

  • bri – no, but the next time in LA, will most definitely try the pasta at speranza – thanks for the recommendation!

    amanda – it’s true – upon first discovering her blog, felt as if had fallen into some kind of wonderland – it’s just so good! – also quite impressed with her styling, as she is a photographer first – hope you receive some great food blog suggestions :)


  • looks delicious..

  • I adore looking at stunning food photography too, thank you so much for the link. If these images are anything to go by I’m going to be in heaven.
    xxx Dj
    ps I’m no wizz in the kitchen either

  • oh my! I’m so hungry now! I adore watching delicious food pics and eating it too… cooking not too much… thanks for sharing. xo

  • These photos are incredible! I want the pasta and pesto for dinner tonight. How elegant she makes it all look. Thank you for sharing.

  • This is funny because I was just about to post on twitter (before I saw your post) for some of everyone’s favorite food blogs and Kate’s is definitely a keeper! Could her photos be anymore perfect?

  • pesto pasta, parmesan and some wine…does the body REAL GOOD!

    do you live in LA? the pasta at Speranza [in silver lake] will have you content for days!

    xo, D E S I G N L O V E F E S T

  • i am drooling over those desserts right now…

  • Everything looks like it was prepared by angels! I’d love to pour over a cookbook filled with these images.

  • These are stunning pictures! Love!

  • Oh, now how I am lost in a raspberry fantasy. Sinfully delicious photography. Mmmmm.
    xo Michaela

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