{beautiful details: paint-dipped baskets}


. . . and while we’re on the topic of wicker, a chance to flip through the latest issue of martha stewart living on the weekend over coffee, and absolutely fell in love with these summer-perfect paint-dipped wicker baskets — whether dipped or brushed on, such a simple and simply wonderful way to give market and beach baskets a stylish update . . .

{photography by dana gallagher for martha stewart living, august 2010 via katiedid}

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  • It’s a little embarrassing how excited these wicker baskets make me. They’re beautiful just on their own, but imagine them filled with fragrant flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers’ market – heavenly.

  • A persona can never have too many beautiful baskets, and these are just lovely! I love the dipped layer to them—a black bottom would be chic as well, I believe :)

    Roséline, your posts are so lovely, and always a surprise—one never knows what you might come across next to share…

  • That’s such a lovely idea! I’m definitely going to keep it in mind.

    You always have such lovely posts (:

  • So pretty! Wouldn’t these be fun with a pop of blod color, like turquoise?? Yummy.

  • Brilliant – so simple!

  • saw this in the Mag the other day!! I loved the candle dips!!

  • I saw these in the August Living mag…I am going to update a couple of my baskets this way…I love the look of them!

  • Yes, this was definitely one of my favorite images from this month’s MSL. Makes me want to take a trip to Nice and stock up on those baskets in the Vieille Ville along the shore!

  • I love wicker baskets!! These are such a great idea!! I love the dipped in color look, it definitely makes it look so modern and chic!! LOVE this :)

  • Many Filipinos make such baskets beautifully. They are even made into handbags which are a hit on tourists.

  • Holy Inspiration! Love!

  • I love this idea! Such a simple change that can make a world of difference. Thanks for sharing :)


  • Saw this and loved it… what a simple concept, but so lovely. It’s times like this when I wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

  • What a fun way to revive an old basket! I love this idea and think it would look so cute to have a bunch of paint-dipped baskets above the counters in my kitchen. ON IT!

  • I Love it! and I Love Martha!

  • Love those baskets! Just put that on my ‘to do’ list:)
    Blog:Capers of the vintage vixens


    I will imeediatly dip-paint mon grand cabas de marché!


  • I just love these. Trust Martha to throw us a rope. They look so updated and somehow new, while still retaining the wicker feel.


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