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. . . lately have been receiving many lovely e-mails inquiring about the things that inspire and thought it might be fun to compile a beautiful list of current inspirations, of the things that enchant and captivate and the thoughts that turn into daydreams and the things that flutter, flutter through the imagination — and so, a charming mix of things . . .

. . . poems on mirrors {via felicity}

. . . natural wonders {one & two}

. . . always, backstage photos {via definitely golden}

. . . topknots {via scout-holiday}

. . . amazing crystal caves {via all the mountains}

. . . a room with a view

. . . smokey eyes & upswept hair

. . . side by side {via pink wallpaper}

. . . origami hearts

. . . gold & glass {via apartment therapy}

. . . chloé {via haute design}

. . . velvet chairs & herringbone floors {via felicity}

. . . and still, socks & heels

{p.s.} wednesday already! how the week has flown — hope it’s wonderful where you are,

{images: 1-3 –souvenirs via julia}

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  • Nadia said...

    Oh that’s an interesting use for moulding! I’d be afraid the shoes would fall and hit me on the head, though.

  • Thank you for sharing the crystal caves! They might be the most mid blowing thing I have seen in years!

  • love this post! smokey eyes with upswept hair…you nailed it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • love the idea of poems on mirrors…

    D e g a i n e

  • liz – so lovely – thanks so much for warm congratulations on Lucky and for the thoughtful comment

    felicity – hello! + thank you! and yes, sadly, it has been a while – busy can not even come close to describing it, especially after having gone missing on Thursday . . . and a pleasure for the mentions – you always find the most amazing things, so thank you :) much love to you as well, xoxo

    bee – thank you, lovely melisa!

    tricia rose – thanks so much

    tonenygaard – thank you + of course – please use whatever you like and a link back would be lovely :)

    beadboard upcountry – welcome and thank you! hope you’ll visit often

    rock n revolution — you are so sweet! – thank you so much and adore that you bought the issue – hope you like the feature :)


    hello everyone!
    thank you for visiting and for taking a moment to say hello — apologies for taking so long to answer – things have been amazingly hectic this week, but happily, it’s nearly the weekend . . .
    hope you’re well,

  • love this post!!! adding it to my Friday links!!

  • So, so pretty, Roséline! Where do I possibly begin?

    I love every single image in this post…from the heels + socks to the unimaginable crystals. Can you believe, I have those same photos saved of the Italian interiors? They’re too pretty! I’m going to try the smokey eyes tomorrow and dream of this incredible post…I think it’s one of my favorites :)

    Wishing you a splendid day,


  • Love the socks with heels! So chic!
    Also, those crystal caves are amazing!
    Great post.

  • Carol Grow said...

    I absolutely love this site! DEVINE!

  • I love reading your blog. It always makes my day a little brighter. The crystal cave is amazing! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of that before. Keep up the good work!

  • What a gorgeous collection of photos!

  • great post…
    i love these photos…

  • Sooo gorgeous, sexy and beautiful…
    Bought the Lucky you are in yesterday! : )
    I’ve been behind on my magazine reading but I didn’t want to miss this one since you were in it!

  • Just featured socks and heels on my blog.. You confirm that socks and heels it is!!!

    xo Holly J

  • Just discovered your blog via that wonderful gray gold image on
    A Perfect Gray. Absolutely delightful blog!!!!!Love the mirrors with the writing and the fabulous black dress with the tulle……I’m looking forward to peeking at past posts! Maryanne;)

  • A lovely list! I’d never before seen a crystal cave, and I wish I could master the topknot on myself.

  • Just love your blog, and this pictures are really a charming mix!! i think I have to use one or two in my blog… Is that OK with you? and of course I make a link to yours…. Have a wonderful glamorous day!!

  • The herringbone flooring in the first few photos is to DIE for!

  • Oh my! Such amazing inspiration! The Chloe bag, origami hearts, Hans Wegner, incredible crystal caves, LV…

  • Crystal Caves?!? Who knew? Now, THAT is glamorous. What I would give to get to see that in person.

  • What a refreshing, inspiring, thought-provoking post! Love the shoes on the picture rail~
    The list could go on and on – great thing to think about at traffic lights ; )

  • magia — thank you so much! and also for the correction — had first composed this post with only the bottom {french} image, and had forgotten to change the caption after adding the second image, so many thanks :)


  • hi! I have to say I adore this blog… it’s so inspiring :)
    Not a big deal, but the first mirror poem is in spanish, by Frida Kahlo:
    “Yo quisiera hacer lo que me da la gana detrás de la cortina de ‘la locura’ Así, arreglaría las flores, todo el día, pintaría el amor, el dolor y la ternura, me reiría a mis anchas de otros, pero sobre todo me reiría de mí, construiría mi mundo que mientras viviera seria mío y de todos”.

    That’s inspiring, no doubt.

  • Socks and heels are huge on my list right now, and in fact I’m putting something together just now about the topic! I got chills looking at those French poems on mirrors, and the backstage photos…and the gold…your taste is exquisite:)

  • so much beauty!


  • Beutiful pictures!
    Have a nice day!

  • such a pretty post. i love the shoes on the moulding and the chloé is of course to die for!

  • FXOX said...

    Ahhh R,

    big, beautiful, image-laden posts – what you do the very best :-)

    I hadnt seen one of these for a while:-).

    youre busy, non?

    Hugs and much love and thank you sooooooooo much for the mention :-)


  • smokey eyes and upswept hair… uber-glam.


  • Hi Roseline…

    I don’t think I’ve congratulated you in your feature inside Lucky Magazine, so Congratulations. You absolutely deserve being in the flashlights for running a Gorgeous and GLAMOROUS blog, which I am an absolute fan of. You never cease to take my breath away with all your beautiful posts.

    I ADORE the socks and heels so very much, I have yet to try this trend myself. The mirrors with the poems are LOVELY, love to have one of them hung in my home. The room with a view is AMAZING. LOVE-LOVE the smokey eye and sexy and soft updo. Origami hearts are so adorable.

    Overalllll, lovely post.


  • i love everything about this post!!!


  • the mirrors with words stole my heart!

  • perfect post! the shoes hanging from the moldings. love that! so glam.

  • I absolutely love the writing on the mirrors…very glam.

  • Ok it’s official…i really have a thing for shoes with heels! I loved the way they looked in the Zac Posen for Target lookbook (as I showed on my blog) and now I’m LOVING them here too! I may just have to get brave enough to try it for myself.

    Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Bre @

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