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. . . officially the season for giving, and so many ways to make a difference, including supporting wonderful charities such as new york-based pencils of promise, that partners with local communities and organizations to build schools in developing nations for some of the world’s most impoverished and undereducated children. sadly, there are more than 75 million children in this situation worldwide

last december, the pencils of promise team visited a small village in laos, and by july 2009, had built a new school for the village children who were able to attend classes by the first of september. this month, pencils of promise will be opening their third school and they hope to open the doors to education for more children in the new year

pencils of promise is currently in champet, a village that is home to the only high school in the area for surrounding villages. in order to attend this school, students must leave their families and homes to live in unsafe dormitories that are little more than bamboo huts. currently, some parents are unwilling to send their children to school because of the dangerous conditions of these huts

this holiday season, the goal is to build a library and safe housing for 200 school girls to give them access to further education

and so, in the spirit of the season, we are asking for your help — whether it’s $1.00 or $100.00, 100% of your donation will be used to complete this wonderful project

{thank you!}

{p.s.} more about pencils of promise:
* video
* facebook

{images: 1 – martha stewart; 2 – lilla villa vita via emma; 3-5 – photography by nick onken; special thanks to paloma of la dolce vita for organizing this blogger collaboration}

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  • hello felicity! and of course, the same to you :) was a pleasure to post the link — it’s wonderful!

    a very merry christmas to you,

  • FXOX said...

    Dear R, you’re lovely for posting this :-)

    so glad you like the link – year year we’re inundated with gifts from there :-)

    Hugs smiles and goodness and to you my friend


  • Kaijuu — couldn’t agree more :)

    Amanda — so lovely! thank you for your generosity and support of this project ♥

    Felicity! — wonderful to hear from you + thanks so much for the thoughtful comment and fantastic link! have included it in the sidebar, under “make a difference” — happy holidays to you, DY and the cherubs xoxo

    thanks so much to those of you who took a moment to read this post and comment — you’re lovely!

    happy, happy holidays,

  • What a wonderful thing to post! Thank you!

  • FXOX said...

    Dear R, this one definitely is worth a comment – good on you :-)
    We also like the TEAR fund’s The Worlds most useful Gift catalogue, http://www.usefulgifts.org/gift/school-supplies.

    DY “received” a goat for his birthday from there.

    We used this catalogue as our wedding gift registry as well :-).

    Thank you for reminding us of the real spirit of Christmas . Love and smiles to you and yours Love FXOX

  • This is truly a beautiful cause. I will make sure that I donate something today and I’m sure my boyfriend will as well. Thank you so very much for posting this!

  • I love that pine cone wreath!

  • Lovely post, thank you for sharing!
    Happy Monday.

  • Thanks for sharing this! Giving is incredibly glamorous ^_^!

  • This is such a great cause! Thanks for sharing about it.

  • it’s impressive and those pics are great!!


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