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officially the season for giving, and what better way to start than with another glamorous give-away? today’s fantastic give-away is from seattle-based coco+kelley, which, in addition to interior and event design projects, offers design sessions for those on a budget or in need of inspiration & design guidance and, for the holidays, is offering one design session of your choice:

. . . whether a festive dinner party or an elegant holiday soirée, an unfinished room or an upcoming wedding, coco+kelley will analyze your style and inspirations and interpret them into a complete design plan that will include design advice, an inspiration board, suggestions on details, ideas for resources and more!

to enter, {click here} to visit the coco+kelley website, then leave a comment below

{bonne chance!/good luck!}

* winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after wednesday, december 9, 2009; open to all readers in all countries; images – western interiors; gourmet; haynes-roberts; keri russell via instyle, all images via coco+kelley

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  • renovating my bathroom in the spring, and I could really use the help!

  • absolutely, i could use the help! and i love coco+kelly!!

  • I love Coco+Kelley’s color palettes. My living room/playroom is in desperate need of help!

  • SO generous! I’d love, love, LOVE to win. xo

  • a.maz.ing. opportunity. my tiny loft needs a revamp!

  • Morgan McGinn said...

    Would never turn down a little design advice from a woman with such style!

  • I’m moving in February and will be in need of help.. I’d love to win your contest…

  • My apartment is greatly in need of some TLC. When I first moved in after graduating from school, I accumulated random bits of furniture from friends/family and did little else to decorate. A year later, I’m finding that it very difficult to commit to any particular style which is preventing me from getting much redecorating done.

    I adore Cassandra’s style and would love to get her take on how to make bold moves in my space!

  • Oh how AMAZING! I would love the opportunity to have such a creative mind help me out. I am graduating from college on Saturday and have been dreaming of finally coming into the world of being a “grown up.” I have the charming apartment, but to have it reflect that of the chic career woman I dream of soon becoming would be a dream come true!
    Whoever wins this is so lucky.

  • Amazing! How I would love to create work like this. An inspiration indeed.

  • How fun! I love Cass’s blog. This is very timely since I’m going to be throwing a party next month and would love her advice on planning the event!

  • I’m a bit late… better than never! I would absolutely love to win this give-away. Cassandra has the most stylish taste and I would desperately need her help to help me finish decorating a little boy’s room for Christmas!

  • WoW-your blog is wonderful and I am addicted! Thank You and lovely give away!

  • love. thanks for this great giveaway!

  • I love both your blogs!

  • I would LOVE to win this. Just moving to NY this month, need help!! Pick me!

  • Oh WOW. I adore that set of flatware…and the glass, and pretty much everything about this giveaway. I love love love your blog, too. It inspires me to be more glamorous every day…even when I just want to wear sweatpants.

  • Anonymous said...

    What an amazing giveaway…I would love to win…definitely could use some help designing my 1000sq ft home…thanks for the chance to win…BTW…I ♥ your blog!


    [email protected]

  • I love the attention to detail that Coco & Kelley employ. And their style what I’m trying to recreate in my own home. I moved from an 11oo sq. ft. apartment in Michigan to 700 sq. ft. in Connecticut and could really use their insight to help bring my new home to life.

  • this is an amazing giveaway! i can only imagine what a wonderful experience it would be to work with coco+kelley!

  • absolutely swooning at the thought of winning! the prettiest please i can muster!!

    cherry included of course.


  • I love her blog! What a fantastic giveaway!

  • The perfect giveaway for the Christmas season in my opinion. What could be better than to have a well appointed space that reflects your style. Hope I win!

  • Keri Russell is perfect! And yep, my place needs some serious aid- how lovely if it could be from somewhere so chic.

  • I would love to win this giveaway too! I’ve lived in my apartment for a year now and it badly needs to be decorated!

  • I’ve followed both yours and Cassandra’s blog religiously for way too long and would so appreciate the chance to have a design plan for our way-to-modern home, begging for more of a traditional appeal.

  • oh what an excellent giveaway. i would love to give this to my mum – she’s redecorating at the moment and has no idea…

  • Oh these photos make my heart ache they are so pretty and my space is so, so sad. I would love tips!

  • Loving coco+kelly website! I am planning an engagement party for my best friend and I would love some tips on bringing the whole party together!

  • A free design session with coco + kelley…this sounds too good to be true! My boyfriend (who is a sports nut) and I just moved in together, and if I don’t get some design help soon, my apartment is going to look like the ESPN Zone!

    [email protected]

  • A design session with coco + kelley…this sounds too good to be true! My boyfriend (who is a sports nut) and I just moved-in together, and if I dont get some design help soon, my apartment is going to start looking like the ESPN Zone!

    [email protected]

  • eek! so exciting. i’ve always been that eclectic girl with two many found photographs and objects hanging about. having recently moved into an arts & crafts bungalow with our new wee baby, i’m finding it difficult to compromise my kooky style with the simple yet stunning architecture of our house and, of course,with the wee one’s minimalist requirements. any help would certainly be appreciated.

  • Anonymous said...

    I love Coco & Kelly’s blog and my guest room/office is in serious need of design intervention. I know it needs a lot of help, but i don’t know what to do!


  • i am moving to a new place this year, and this would be absolutely fabulous!!

  • I desperately need some interior help. Pick me!!

  • Love coco+kelley, read it religiously every day and would love to use Cassandra’s help around my home. I hope I win :)

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!


  • Maureen said...

    I would love to win!

  • I would like to win!

  • I am so in love with coco+kelley design!

  • what a great prize! would love to win.

  • Would LOVE to win a design consultation….my bedroom is so bothersome…seriously.

  • I’d love to win this. I’m waiting on my townhouse to be built and this would be perfect!

  • I would love to win – I am getting married and would love to have a lovely bedroom.

  • I am a creative type that needs help deciding what “I” like! I LOVE Cassandra’s style as well AND i live in north Seattle! Good luck to me! WHOEVER wins this though, is one lucky winner!

  • I love her website! I wanted to hire her to help with the new house we’ll be moving into next year, but my husband thinks we should give it a try on our own first. But if it was free, he couldn’t mind… ;-)

  • Currently buying a new house in Seattle AND planning a wedding for fall 2010… help with either would settle at least a few of the ants in my pants!

  • Wow. Amazing and beautiful work. Even more great ideas on the blog and, oh, the shop…

    I live in a cramped 1 bedroom with my boyfriend in LA. The neighborhood isn’t great, but affording the rent there is. I’m always looking for ways to transform my space into a haven to come home to, to escape the city outside, and could definitely use some help.

  • Love love love Cassandra and since we just purchased our first home (and are hosting Christmas dinner) we would love to have her help.

  • What a fabulous giveaway! I just adore coco+kelley.

  • I’m moving soon and what better else than to start fresh with some ideas from Cassandra!

  • I actually came from C+K. What a great blog! DH and I bought a house this year, so we have a lot of decorating to do to get everything in shape for the holidays. (Including his surprise birthday party in few weeks!! Shhhh!!) This would definitely help keep me sane. Pick me! :)

  • I want.

  • Angie said...

    Pouring the slab on our new house this week! Would love to win the design session for one of the rooms!

  • Oh please, I LOVE this giveaway!

  • Mackenzie said...

    Moving from a dorm room to a downtown house and would love Cassandra’s input. My first real experience with interior design…lots of nervous excitement! Love both of your blogs!

  • Anonymous said...


    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...


  • Coco+Kelley is so inspirational… I visit it every day, just like I do with This is Glamorous :)

  • Oh I love her blog, and with a wedding to plan and a house to decorate, this would be fantastic!

  • What an awesome giveaway!

  • Count me in! I love her style…

  • Oh my goodness! What a GREAT Give-a-way!!! I have an empty bookshelf wall that could so use some help!

  • I visit Coco & Kelly everyday and I am inspired by each one of her posts I am redecorating my small apartment in Chicago and would love to bring some of her talent into my home.

  • Ashley said...

    love your blog and would love the opportunity to have you help me with a room in my house!

  • pick me! I love the coco+kelley blog,So talented! c+k and TIG are my daily reads!

  • Shannon A said...

    I really want to win this! I am what one would call “design-challenged”!

  • This would be perfect for our new home!!! I would love some advice!

  • I’m recently engaged and totally lost trying to plan my upcoming wedding. This would be amazing!! Cassandra has such a great eye. Fingers crossed!!

  • What girl wouldn’t want a little coco & kelly inspiration? My vintage inspired June 2010 would luv luv the help, xo!

  • I have no sense of style! Design advice would be ever so helpful! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • This is an amazingly awesome give-away. I am about to makeover my studio and need the design inspiration.

  • I’d love the help planning my wedding. With New York prices, it’s hard enough just to pay for the day, before I could even consider hiring a planner/designer in any capacity.

  • what an amazing giveaway! love both of your blogs!

  • What a wonderful gift! I would love to have Cassandra give me some design advice.

  • I would love to win! I am trying to make my business more beautiful (located in an historic boarding house).

  • It would be wonderful to be pointed in the right design direction with a cohesive design plan! Please count me in!

  • This would be absolutely great! Happy Holidays.

  • Oh, I would love and am in need of a design session for my bedroom. And the hallway. And the kitchen. Possibly the bathroom. So this prize would be absolutely grand.

  • I would LOVE this! I’ve been trying to turn my home-office into a place where I meet clients and just haven’t been able to pull off the look I want!

  • Pick me, pick me!! Am getting married in August, and an inpiration board would be fab! :D

  • Okay I could really use this!

  • wow oh wow, love the coco+kelly blog! and would love to win their design services!
    c+k is as wonderful as yr blog!
    TKS – LA

  • A. I love this Blog
    B. I love the name coco+kelley
    C. I love C + K ‘s style
    D. I would LOVE to have this fabulous prize


  • oooo… very helpful!

  • what a nice give away idea!

  • Anonymous said...

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I adore her blog and style. What a wonderful treat for the season!

    [email protected]

  • I follow coco+kelley, and absolutely love their work.

    I’m a newlywed working on melding my style/belongings with my (very stylish, I might add) husband’s style/belongings.

    Their expertise would be so welcome! And FUN!!!

  • Yes!! Yes please!

  • Yes yes yes!! Please pick me!

  • Oh, how I’d love to win this! Lately my style (personal and at home) has been “hot mess”. Help please!

  • i love her blog!!!!! this would just be amazing.

  • I need help with my bedroom. I have the color on the walls and the scheme in my head (I think) I could so use an expert to help me pull it all togehter.

  • My husband and I just got married in October and moved into a new apartment. It’s currently a blank slate and Cassandra’s creative magic would be wonderful!

  • i have never had a personal interest in interior decorating until now. my family is moving into a new home in january and this will be my first opportunity to truly decorate my living space from top to bottom. i lived with my parents until i got married and as my husband’s second wife, i moved into a predecorated home. we later moved into an apt that we knew was only a temporary stop so i didn’t bother personalizing a thing. now i’m going to have my very own house! i’m so excited, yet so overwhelmed. I have no idea what to do. so coco+kelly would be such a great help!

  • My husband and I just got married in October and moved into a new apartment. It’s a blank slate and Cassandra’s creative magic would be wonderful!

  • Love to keep Cassandra local and have a her come give us advice for our new 50s era home in Seattle!!!

  • salimah – thank you!

    michelle – adore you enthusiasm + thanks so much

    leana & fri at wedding nouveau – congratulations to both with the new additions to your families

    boho boutique – so sorry to hear – sounds as if there’s quite a bit going on – hoping things get a little easier soon + fingers crossed for you

    cassandra – not at all – a pleasure + thank you for the idea – turned out to be a fantastic way to begin the holidays

    hrr – thanks so much!

    [email protected]{strings} — thank you

    sylvia – so glad you found your way here + thanks so much!


  • awww! love it! i got my fingers crossed! xx


    [email protected]

  • awww! love it! got my fingers crossed! xx

    [email protected]

  • Coco & Kelley has been in my blog roll for a while now. Definitely a one-stop inspiration shop! Newlyweds could always use some help when meshing interior design dilemmas. I would have never dreamt my husband would be so opinionated when it comes to interior design!

  • beautiful giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    I’ve just recently found your blog and love it.

    Some design advice sounds wonderful.

    [email protected]

  • wanna win! love both of y’alls blogs!

  • We just moved into a new house and I would love some design help with all these empty spaces.

  • Here’s me crossing my fingers! I love Cassandra and I’m sure she would help me get past this roadblock of area rugs.

  • no need to enter me in the drawing, but just love coco+kelley!!!

  • My entire house could use some design help! Love the site.

  • donna said...

    Just arrived here via C&K and am so excited. Thanks for the chance on this fabulous prize.

    peaysinapod at yahoo dot com

  • Anonymous said...

    love both your blog and coco+ kelley, so please enter me to win!! [email protected]

  • It would be such a luxury to be able to seek professional help!

  • I have been following Cassandra for about a year now. I need to redo my master bedroom and would love her art deco girly input.

  • Anonymous said...

    I have forever wanted help with my place and Cassandra’s style fits mine to a t!

    plur268 at yahoo dot com

  • I would love to win this! Even though I’m a creative, I’m so lost when it comes to decorating… hooray for giveaways and coco & kelley!

  • Great giveaway! Cassandra is awesome!

  • Anonymous said...

    I would love to win this competition. I have tried so hard with our apartment but it still doesn’t feel like home. I adore coco+kelley’s work, it is totally my style.


    [email protected]

  • Oh, my new Charleston home has great ceilings, great windows, but alas… no furniture and a living room that I’m stumped over!

  • I would love to enter for a chance at this generous and exciting giveaway!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity~


  • I would love design help with my living room. I know C&K could create a beautiful design for me.

  • Oooh! Oh how splendid. That would be a wonderful gift. I need to downsize and would love advice on how incorporate design when there isn’t much space.

  • All my rooms are unfinished and in dire need of design help! And you know why I love C&K so much – cuz she has featured my wedding colors several times (aqua and emerald)- no doubt about her good taste!

  • Great blog! The interior photos are always gorgeous. What a great give-away!

  • love Love LOVE Coco & Kelley!!!

  • my goodness, what fantastic comments! i can’t wait to see who the winner will be and what project i’ll be working on with them! thank you R. for hosting this giveaway, and i hope that many of you will come on over for some advice even if you don’t win! xoxo

  • This is a fantastic giveaway! My boyfriend and I just moved in together into a new suite and need some guidance on decorating it. Count me in!

  • Ohh! This would be wonderful! What a gift!

  • Oh my! I have remodeled a 1970s home into a Spanish re-revival. Now we’re just in need of some advice for the soft goods. I love what I see here!

  • Santa Baby, just put this present under the tree, for me.

  • Something I need desperately for my loft!!! I love their aesthetic and way of design. Adorable. :)

  • the photo of the girl beneath the bridge is a favourite inspiring photo!
    i’d love to win!

  • coco+kelly ~ incredibly talented. Would be SO great to receive their art & gift of design in my world.

  • ohh this is a giveaway i would love to win! I’ve got a condo in Seattle that needs a cohesive design aesthetic and there really is no one better than Cassandra! If she said jump, I’d jump. high. :)

  • I recently got married and moved into my husband’s condo. I don’t even know where to start! I need to much help! Winning a C&K design session would be a dream come true!

  • I am a big fan!

  • I’m such a fan of Cassandra’s. I have to win b/c I seriously need some style advice for an upcoming dinner with friends (that I haven’t seen in 20 years). I want to look effortlessly chic, baby! xoxo

  • I have been stalking the Coco + Kelley blog for a few months now, and I love, love, love what I see.

    It would be lovely to have win a C+K design session!

  • heidi s said...

    pick me. :)

  • I just want to say that Keri Russell is the essence of chic! There’s just something about her that makes you want to be best friends with her. Oh how I miss Felicity…

  • I have been a devoted follower of Cassandra’s blog for a long time. Winning this giveaway would really be a dream come true!

  • OOOOH I would love to win this! Need ideas for a new sofa/furniture arrangement for our “great” room (that is actually on the small side).
    I love that C+K introduced me to this is glamorous too!

  • This is such a fab giveaway!! /my fingers are crossed! :) XOXO

  • I’ve been in my new apt for a few months now and am still in dire need of how to decorate the living room! Winning this would be amazing…

  • I love her blog & would love to win!

  • wow, what an amazing giveaway!!
    I would love to win! Thank you!

  • omg! pick me, pick me!!!!
    here is a poem to prove how much i want to win…

    now who doesn’t love a little green,
    for ideas galore, cass is the queen
    help make me the coolest kid on the block,
    i NEED you so my house can rock!!


  • oh how i need this! i’ve had a room in limbo for five years that i am sure Cassandra could help me wrap up! *fingers crossed*


  • Gorgeous pictures! I love how the Chanel bag is “discretely” placed in first pictures. The house decorations are beautiful!

  • I need some help…serious help!

  • Ooooh! Just what I need, help to bring MY sitting room to life I have so many elements which I have to keep but am having a bit of trouble getting started. I’m sure this could be the start of a beautiful relationship (room).

  • Awesome, sign me up. with the arrival of a new baby, we could definitely use a make over.

  • Im so excited about this giveaway!!
    I just moved to a loft.. things are coming together downstairs but i have no clue what to do upstairs. Super high ceilings and not defined style nor color. Would love Cassandra’s help!

  • Since most of the inspiration for my wedding has come from Coco + Kelley, it would be pretty amazing to have a little extra help from Cassandra herself!

  • What an AMAZING giveaway. She (or he) who wins is very lucky ;)

  • Oh my goodness I would LOVE to win! And I NEED some guidance! Stylish advice from C+K is exactly what my unfinished living room needs!

  • I love cassandra from coco and kelley! Her taste and talent is excellent. I’ve got a room that I’m dying to get some help with :)

  • My home can definitely use some professional help!

  • Great idea, coco+kelley is quite fabulous!

  • This is great! My home is a fixer-upper so any room needs serious help!

  • Susan in Seattle said...

    How fun would it be to win this? I’d love it!

  • I am burned out.. I opened my Boutique this year, plus took over my Grandmas financial affairs as well as my sons who just deployed to Afghanistan..I have bills and paperwork everywhere as my home office is a catch all for everything and anything i would love to win some help from Cassandra and her great giveaway!

  • Desperately in need of some help for my living room – 12×12 with 18′ ceilings, and only two full walls. And a very limited budget. Help me please!

  • Wow, I have a guest room that I would love some help with.

  • Oh I would love some help from Cassandra! Fabulous giveaway!!!

  • I would absolutely love to win this!! Our master bedroom is in desperate need for some designer inspiration. It’s been seriously neglected on the decor front.

  • I love Cassandra’s style and would love to work with her on my own home!

  • What a great giveaway.

  • What an amazing giveaway! Coco + Kelley blog is gorgeous!

  • I would love a chance to win the prize! Thanks!

  • I would love to get the fabulous Cassandra’s help on some party planning inspiration for this spring. I’ve got a lot of events that I’m hosting with the wedding.

    Great December giveaway!

  • I would love to win a design session. We have a new baby and have be trying to re-work our space to make it comfortable, stylish and safe.

  • This would be so great for my mum- here’s hoping I win for her!

  • Our newlywed condo is looking sad. We’d love some help!

  • Wow, this is great! I’m newly married (two and a half weeks now!) and am working on some design ideas to marry my husband’s design sensibility with my own. I have lots of thoughts but no clear plan yet and would relish the opportunity to have a plan ready made for me by someone so stylish, who’s design sensibility is so close to my own, while still allowing room for who my husband is.

    Here’s hoping I win!

    Happy Holidays!

  • i would love to win this!!

    [email protected]

  • My home that I’ve been in for two years is almost as bare as the day we bought it! I would love some help!

  • This would be a blessing, for sure. Our house feels a little disjointed, and I’m always stuck when it comes to the finishing touches.

  • What a terrific, terrific idea. Cassandra is one talented young woman & what a privilege to have her do something as fun as this. Thanks to you both x

  • I just became engaged and am starting to plan all these parties and the main event. I am also a creative person, which might seam like I’ve got talent on my side. The problem is that I have SO many ideas that I need help to contain them all and find the right path to go down.

    I really like Cassandra’s style and her blog is a great source of inspiration!

  • This is an awesome giveaway…thanks!!!!

  • I would love a design consultation!

  • I love Cassandra’s taste, and would be so thrilled to win!!!

    Fabulous Giveaway!!


  • We’re just finishing up our house which we’ve built from scratch. We’d LOVE design advice. We’ve made so many decision over the last 9 months and having someone help us make design decisions about even just one room would be AWESOME! Especially Cassandra’s!

  • Love coco+kelley and desperately need decor help.

  • We just moved to a new apartment and could totally use Cassandra’s advice!

  • I am finding myself having to plan a bachelorette party, although, after looking at there website, I think I could throw a kick-arse shower with this prize!

  • I love coco + kelley, their blog is amazing! I can definitely use the design advice!

  • Who wouldn’t want to win this? Count me in!

  • I would LOVE to win. I’m a 28 year old in the end stages of a to-the-studs renovation of a 100 house and I have just about run out of creativity – and just as I get to the fun, decorating stage! I’d love a little guidance :)

  • I NEED some design advice! Stuck in the early stages of MCM/Beach Bungalow re-do! Would love some beautiful advice!!!

  • I love Coco+Kelley! I’m sure I could use Cassandra’s help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle said...

    Ohh my Goodness!!!!! I would love to win… Thanks for the chance… I also love your Blog, LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  • What a great idea! I’d love some design advice!

  • Great giveaway, especially since we have just completed a small renovation project and have not done a thing to get ready for the holidays!


  • I’d like to win this week’s giveaway!

  • Moving into a new apartment on the 1st and have been dreaming of designing it for weeks now. Love your site and all your pictures. Really looking for some inspiration in black and white but with lots of light because the apartment doesn’t have as many windows as I’d like it to. This design session would be perfect!! Looking forward to more giveaways like these, all the excellent photography, and amazing finds to put the whole thing together!

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