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News 17.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

Some of my earliest memories are of summers with my grandparents, in New Delhi. I spent long, scorching months drinking lassi, playing cricket, and helping my grandparents find ripe mangoes at roadside markets.

Introducing: A Beautiful New Skincare Range

Clemency and I first began discussing a collaboration nearly six years ago, sometime in 2018. Little did we know that a worldwide pandemic was looming, which would soon put everything on hold.

Décor Inspiration: A Ranch in Austin Texas by Light and Dwell

WE WERE CAPTIVATED by this mini house tour on Instagram, showcasing a beautiful ranch in Austin, Texas, designed by the interior firm Light and Dwell. Nestled on a sprawling property with its own lake, peach tree orchard, barns, whiskey room, guest quarters, and a private mile-long entrance, this home is a true oasis.

Notes from the Weekend

I HAVE BEEN making these oatmeal breakfast cookies lately with maple syrup and dark chocolate chips. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll have the recipe. Both P and I have been reading quite a bit about manifesting, as well as the concept of dopamine fasting…

News 15.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

My friend Guillaume is always telling me interesting things. Like: there’s a dance called the Madison that many French people think is a regular feature of parties in the United States.

News 12.04.24: Five Essential Articles from Around the Web

In the world of popular psychology, the work of one giant figure is hard to avoid: Carl Jung, the onetime associate of Sigmund Freud who died more than 60 years ago. If you think you have a complex about something, the Swiss psychiatrist invented that term. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Those are his coinages, too. Persona, archetype, synchronicity: Jung, Jung, Jung.