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Stumbled across a brief and beautiful post on Venice, and have fallen quite in love . . . still planning this summer’s travels and trying to resist a natural inclination to return to Paris again and again . . . perhaps Italy?

* a perfect place to stay

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  • Hello Ryan — your photos are wonderful! So soft and atmospheric that had wanted to book the next flight the moment I happened upon them . . .

    Thanks so much for stopping to say hello + hope you had a lovely weekend!

  • I like that you like my photos! (The ones in this post :) Love your blog! Let me know if you go to Venice!


  • YES! Go to Italy. Ravello and Sienna and Venice…the last one because I’ve never been to Venice and I’d like to see it through your eyes, since I won’t get there this summer.

  • I adore Mindy’s “Trees That Make You Think of Mushrooms” screen print.

  • You must go now since alas, our beloved city is sinking.

  • Always Italy – Siena, Amalfi Coast, Pienza, Lake Como – it doesn’t get any better!

  • Paris is sooooo hard to pass up on. But think of all the good food in Italy.

  • i am italian,
    i think that venice is a nice place, but to visit just for few day….it’s too touristic…too many people, the food is by now international….
    i went once for the “biennale di architettura” and it’s too expensive and there is a big crow.

    for summer’s travel i suggest to go in sardinia, or in sicily…..good food, lovely place and beach.
    or in toscana, whit beautiful countryside.
    there is also rome with a lots of roman ruin.
    you could do a tour with many stop moving by car.
    it’s so romantic.
    we have a different region with dfferent quality and loca dialect.
    ask me whatever you want if this idea colud be better.
    i could help you to understand.
    italy has many cute place to visit, not just venice.

    sorry for my english!

    love mary

  • Venice is just magical, and one of my favourite cities in the world, I highly recommend visiting it ;) Every corner is so beautiful!

    PS. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  • I love your site <3

  • Ah yes, I am familiar with this dilemma. We’ve been wanting to take our long-delayed honeymoon, and we’re torn between wanting to go to Nice, where we’ve both already been, or italy or greece, which would be new to both of us.

    The only possible solution? A six week holiday in which we rent beach houses for three weeks in each locale!


  • Oh, I so loved Venice. It’s like a fairytale place. But Paris or Venice is a hard choice… Why not do both?

  • oh you have to visit italy!

  • Beautiful…you must go.

    My father lived there for two years, and adored it…it just took him another thirty to persuade my mother to visit…then she fell in love too.

  • i lived in Rome for a year and… it was so magical that i didnt want to come back to Spain! Venice, Florence and Rome are dream-cities! and… What about going shopping in Milano? :D Buon giorno a tutti!

  • Even though Paris is easily my favourite place in the world (so far!), Italy is definitely worth visiting. Venice is absolutely stunning, Florence is filled with such beautiful and fascinating history, and Rome is absolutely amazing to explore…there’s either famous sculptures or ancient ruins around almost every corner.

  • I think you should visit Paris AND Venice! :)

  • Oh, it’s been much to long since I visited Venice! Thanks so much for posting these lovely images and taking me back there briefly.

  • I used to visit Paris a lot when I lived in England because it took just a few hours to get there. I have never been to Italy and wish I had when I was a lot closer. I married an italian whose descendants are from Tuscany. I will just have to make do watching Under the Tuscan Sun again and again and again.Love this blog

  • it looks amazing there!

  • Go for it. Although I am a completely Paris lover. It would be great to enjoy Venice. All Cities with water around it are just gorgeous.

  • Yes visit Italy… you MUST!
    I am so jealous you have frequented Paris… ahhh

  • When I was 17 I moved to France (on my own) to go to university. After my first trip to Italy (oddly, to Venice…long story) in November…I was hooked for life. While my French is so much better than my Italian, I have spent the last many years flying over France (I wave) to Italia.

    Italy has my heart even though I complain about what goes on politically, etc. But Italian friends pointed out that I really loved Italy when I finally became angry with much happening there & stopped romanticizing constantly. That’s true, I think.

    I’m fortunate to have French friends here in DC & maybe that helps me not miss France so much (though I do). But my default reaction is always,always Italy (Rome, on south especially…I like tragic, doomed drama, what can I say :)Anyone who knows the south will know what I mean.

    And as for time, well I differ from others here.

    For me, definitely off-season to Venice’s quite atmospheric, you can hop onto cafe tables when the acqua alta comes in, you have the chance to meet actual residents,less crowded. It’s all in how you approach it. I think it’s more romantic with the rain & the fog.

    Lovely pix, lovely blog.

    ciao, Susan & Giulia the gattina

  • Venice is wonderful, especially when you go during a warmer season, not in the spring when it’s raining and dreary!

  • A trip to Paris for a few days… hop on a train to Venice and Verona… that sounds like a PERFECT trip!
    I hope you get there!

  • Oh Italy…Venice, so beautiful and magical.

  • Just found your blog and it is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images.


  • I would LOVE to go to Italy!! Of course I’m also saving my $ for Paris, but if you’ve been there I would say go to Italy! It looks so inspiring. =)

  • I enjoy Paris, but would love to visit Venice again! It’s quaint and beautiful and intimate. And visually SO stunning. Everywhere provides a perfect meomry making opportunity.

  • ah i would love to go to italy. i’m a france person, but could possibly turn into an italian lover as well.

  • Italy is a must. I am a Paris lover too, but Venice, Florence, Siena, San Gimiganio, Lago di Cuomo, are all must sees and of course, Roma…..go, go, go. Even with the crowds it is worth it.

  • I adore Paris, but I’ll have to visit Venice sometime!

  • I do not think you would be disappointed with Italy. I have a friend who recently returned from Florence. He was quite smitten with it.

  • Anonymous said...

    Last summer, after years and years of being drawn to Paris over all others, I finally visited Venice. I’m so glad I did – the city is lovely and enchanting, as are its people.

  • i LOVE paris too but venice is just as stunning, on a smaller scale, if you love paris i think you’ll love venice too :)

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