{the scent of lilacs}


Can think of fewer things more relaxing at the moment than a cozy weekend in a French country cottage by the ocean, the mist of saltwater intermingled with the scent of deep purple lilacs . . .

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{images: both better homes and gardens, 2 also via apartment therapy chicago}

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  • Just seeing those lovely lilac colors makes me happy

  • I can’t wait for lilacs to bloom. Even if only for a few short weeks.

  • Such an inspiring post. Love your blog!! Cheers from Buenos Aires!!

  • i adore these images!! i recently did a post on my favourite shade – purple!! love it!

  • Daniella – not at all – just the opposite, actually, and thank you!

    Millie, Blue Muse, The Curio Keeper, Cali Girl, A Gift Wrapped Life – so many of us have such wonderful memories of lilacs – there is something quite special about these tiny flowers and their heady, wonderful fragrance . . .

    citysage – what a fantastic thing to wake up to! Your mother sounds lovely :)

    Alice – thank you!

    Hope everyone is having a great first week of March. As always, thank you for taking the time to say hello :)


  • I used to carry armfuls to my mom that were borrowed from the trees lining alleyways in our neighborhood. She never asked where I got thme and I never told!
    Lilacs evoke special mmeories.

  • that bedroom looks SO inviting.

  • A perfect room in the perfect seaside cottage!

  • Mmm Lilacs ♥

  • I am dying for spring to arrive…there are signs of it everywhere…these lilacs are a prime example. God they are gorgeous!

  • I am in visual heaven here at your blog… you have some of the most beautiful photographs posted!

  • i love lilacs.. they remind me of both of my grandmas. pics are so pretty too.

  • that room is so lovely!

  • I am closing my eyes and wishing i was there!

  • The scent of lilacs is one of my faves—they are always in bloom around my birthday and my mom would sneak into people’s yards and trim big bouquets to have in the house when I woke up on the big day—such a happy memory smell!

  • Thank you so much for the lilacs. Some of my earliest memories are lilac-scented, and even a picture of the tiny flowers is enough for me to remember their lovely smell.

  • I love those colors for bedrooms. That first picture looks like spring to me! lovely lovely.

  • Very pretty vase of lilac and I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.
    thank you.

    Have a great weekend

  • I love, love lilacs – the smell, the color…

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • The first photo is so beautiful. I can just imagine the fragrance and beauty of it.

  • Love the colour lilac and especially love the smell of the gorgeous flower!

  • Refreshing! I can almost smell the lilacs, and hear the ocean…


  • Oh boy!This is right up my alley.

  • a weekend away in a French country cottage by the ocean sounds amazing! especially if i get to stay in a place as pretty as this one :)

  • I know everyone will think I’m insane for saying this but I actually can’t stand the scent of lilacs… however I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers!

  • While we have the sea air, Lilacs, sadly, aren’t something we have around here – they are so beautiful and they remind me so much of my grandmother’s house back east, though – very good, wonderful memories when I see that photo – thank you for that!
    Happy Weekend!
    xo Isa

  • The deep purple lilacs photo is SO beautiful! And the bedroom looks so inviting! Purple lilac is my favorite color.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

  • I love, love lilacs. Makes me miss living in a place where they grow, no lilacs here in the desert.

  • Ok, seriously… this may sound weird but everything you post I love! lol. So pretty!

  • Damn, now I hate my house. This is so lovely.

  • My grandmother used to have a very big bush of those flowers in the backyard, hanging over the garage. So beautiful and they smell so wonderful! I long for spring…

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love, Betsy.

  • beautiful color, i love it! :D spring is coming!

  • pretty, I just picked up a bunch of old glass jars for spring. This top photo makes me want to use them today!


  • Those lavender lilacs make me crave Summer even more!!

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