{a few things}

Lots of fun and exciting things going on this week, and have also been trying to get a few administrative things accomplished today:

> thought it might be time to join the facebook blog network, went to sign up and noticed that a lovely reader has already completed a profile for me — thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. However, as it was not me who set up the account, am unable to log in, and can not set up a new one . . .

> another lovely reader has also set up a profile for {this is glamorous} on bloglovin

> have installed a new search engine for the site, which you can find in the left sidebar — it’s a great way to find posts you may have seen a while ago and would like to find your way back to once again

> two fun give-aways coming up in the next few weeks

> posting will continue to be irregular and sporadic, so check back if you like . . .

> guest posting at design*sponge for the week of November 17, 2008

That’s all for now . . .

Have a lovely, lovely day, everyone!

{image: Natalia Vodianova by Carter Smith}