{the kindness of strangers}


Tuesday morning, while caught in the pouring rain waiting for the traffic signal to change, a stranger happened along and silently, gallantly sheltered me under his umbrella . . .

{life is filled with beautiful moments}

{wrap up of the week’s preppy posts + a few extra links:}
> horse show ribbons
> winning horse stories series at nibs: {1, 2, & 3}
> country tweed wedding dress
> the crested blazer
> all’s fair in love in wellies

> pay someone a compliment today

{images: 1 – flickr ; 2 –
In The Mood For . . .; 3 – Elegant Bride via nibs}

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  • :) That’s all I have to add.

  • Oh hooray for the lovely man! It’s amazing how small acts of kindness like this cost nothing to give but can really change someone’s day for the better. Let’s all try doing it today …

  • The first photo of the horse is exquisite.

  • Hello Gorgeous – your story is amazingly touching, and with such a moving ending — thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  • Hello everyone! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Loved hearing some of the stories of your random encounters with the kindness of others.

    Vicki Archer & Easy and Elegant Life – yes, isn’t it wonderful that chivalry is alive and well?

    The Lil Bee – have been very well, thanks for asking :)

    Littlebyrd & Melissa – thanks for the weekend well-wishes

    Debbie – your repair man sounds fantastic – handy and thoughtful – definitely a winning combination :)

    Tracy Elaine — loved your story! Such a lovely memory to have of that night

  • This is such a personal thing to say and I wasn’t really brave enough to say it on my blog but my first husband died 7 years ago today and while we were at the gravesite, it was pouring. Someone appeared beside me with an umbrella and walked me into the church.

    I’m married to him now.

  • oh i love this…random acts of kindness (and chivalry) lovely.

  • I do love this pics of Scarlett, there is something so romantic in it …

  • What a nice gesture (:

  • When I was single and in college, I went alone to a No Doubt concert. A very nice guy stood behind me the entire show and silently protected me from the mosh pit that opened up behind us. The guy took elbows to the back for an hour for me, and tried for nothing in return. At the end of the show, he left with his friend without anything more than a “good bye” and a smile.
    It’s one of my favorite memories ever.
    I admit that I have on occasion held my umbrella over a stranger’s head. The one thing that makes me feel better than being the recipient of random acts of kindness is being the giver.

  • These photos are enchanting! Thank you for sharing…I will be back for more eye candy shortly, xo Alys

  • Great photos… lovely post!

  • A stranger’s kindness is truly a gift. I love the photos and your story.

    My repair man called me before he arrived this week to see if I wanted him to bring me a cup of coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts. Totally made my day.

    Blessings – Debbie

  • aw, precious! loved this nice story.

    PS. YOU are nice.

    have a great weekend!


  • What a great story. It’s good to get reminders like this. Sometimes I think we all get so busy and wrapped up that we forget basic kindness and how much it means to others. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • What a nice thing to do! And such perfect photos to accompany the story. How have you been, my dear?

  • I love these photos! Gorgeous! Sometimes even a smile can make someone’s day :)

  • Chivalry, although slumbering quietly in some corners of the world, sometimes pokes its nose out to take the air. Hooray for the gentleman in question!

  • WOW! I freaking LOVE these photos!

  • lovely pictures!

  • thank you so much for the link, my love!

    and that is so sweet, especially that he remained silent :)

    love your photos, as always.

    xo joanna

  • Love these images and I love the idea that there are gallant gentlemen in this world.

  • Life is indeed filled those! I was at a Capella concert the other day and the band decided to sing a song in Korean. I was the only Korean speaking person in the audience. It was priceless. Their performance brought tears to my eyes. It was utterly beautiful…although their Korean pronunciation wasn’t the best.

  • beautiful.

  • random acts of kindness…small gestures that make all the difference in someones day!! glad you didnt get wet!

  • Laura – thanks so much for introducing me to Operation Nice :)

  • Acts of kindness always have a way of restoring my faith in humanity no matter how small.
    Compliment: I like this post today!
    Lisa & Alfie

  • Random acts of kindness not only have a way of changing ones day, but at times an entire life!!! Great post!

  • Beautiful photos. The kindness of strangers always gives me reassurance that there is more good that bad in the world.

  • You should send that story to operation nice! :)

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