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Kate Moss paired hers with hot pants at Glastonbury, while Marina Hanbury wore hers with an extravagant evening gown for Vogue Living . . .

Originally designed for Scotland’s unpredictable weather and rugged terrain, wellies have since become firmly established as a fashion staple and style classic.

As fashion and décor are often intertwined, wellies have been making their way into interiors, as much for their stylish, nearly aristocratic appeal, as well as the romantic, outdoorsy adventures they represent.

{as an aside:}
d i a n a : m u s e brings up a great point about the origin of the name, “wellies”

{an excerpt from wikipedia:}
The Wellington boot, also known as a wellie, a topboot, a gumboot, or a rubber boot, is a type of boot based upon Hessian boots. It was worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington and fashionable among the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.

{images: 1 – photography by by Mark Roper via tinyk; 2 – Rachel Riley‘s home featured Country Living UK via {frolic!}; 3 – via {frolic!}}

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  • A good pair of wellies needed when your walking through the countryside. May need to buy more wellingtons in the next few weeks. nice blog.

  • love a good pair of wellington boots. They have been around for ever but now are showing a definate side to fashion. I love the middle picture. It looks like a piece of art! Hayley

  • I’ve got my green plaid Wellie’s sitting in my closet at the moment… Southern California is not a great place to get use out of them with so few rainy days!! How I miss when I lived in upstate New York and mucked around in them ALL the time! :) xo!

  • :)the Duke of Wellington is my Great, great, great, great grandfather…. unfortunatly on the wrong side of the bed so to speak…
    hoorah for wellies (pref. black or red variety)..

  • Love your blog, and love this wellies post. Is this not the perfect turquoise mud room? Thanks

  • I love that hallway with the blue wall. It has such a beautiful and real feel to it.

  • I love the turquoise in the center picture. And I LOVE Wellies! They remind me of being at the horse farm, my favorite place in the world.

  • Hi Melissa, found you at SUzy’s blog (Wild Rose Cottage). Nice blog you have here, I will visit again.

    I’m inviting you to my blog party… hop over, it might interest you!

    Thank you

  • I have three pairs, ha! Great post.


  • I’m such a fan of wellies, and I think you picked some of the best images of these :)

    There’s something incredibly comforting about putting on a pair of wellies. It’s the feeling of thumbing your nose at whatever comes your way because you know you’ll be able to scale it and keep dry :)

  • I wonder what the Duke of Welly would have to say about the enduring popularity of his namesake footgear – not to mention the endless incarnations.

  • Alis – you’ll just have to go back to London, then :)

    As for Felicity, sadly, she’s decided that it was getting to be too much for her, and has removed her blog . . . Will definitely miss her wonderfully sunny outlook and her lovely, lovely blog.

  • MJ – not weird at all :) And they really do photograph well, don’t they?

    Heidi Ann – as always, your comments make my morning

    Teresa and mademoiselleb – thank you :)

    Valerie Rojas – have not yet seen the lace up ones, but they sound fantastic

    Chelsea 15:50 – thanks so much

    Hello Gorgeous – :)

    blushing hostess – love my Barbour as well – how great you must look in your stylish jacket and J.Crew wellies!

    Thanks, everyone, as always, for your fun comments — hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far.

  • Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I have been eyeing Hunter wellies for far too long, due to an unfortunate miscalculation of the conversion of British pounds to our(turkish) money, I didn’t get them when I was in London. Oh, the regret…

    ps: By any chance, do you have an idea on Felicity’s(from All Things Bright and Beautiful) whereabouts? I thought it was just my computer but other blogs have noticed her absence too.

  • Being around horses all day, I always stuck to my field boots. But, a couple of years ago, I donned the J.Crew “Wellie” which is shaped like a field boot and so supple. I have been committed to Wellies with my hip Barbour utility jacket ever since. I am loving the new LL Bean’s with the sweater cuff! Great post, many many thanks!

  • So practical and so chic…this post on Wellies is fantastic!

  • I love Wellies…I have a pair sitting out in my mud room. Love the wallpaper in the last photo!

  • I think I might need some wellies this year. Perhaps in pink….

  • I love Wellies! Thanks for the link!

  • Beautiful fall Wellies pic on top.

    I wish I was still young enough to wear them with hot pants! Ha.

  • Cheers to wellie season!

  • such beautiful images!!

  • Yep, I love them too. They do look so good photographed. I have a pair that I keep standing next to an old armoir and somehow those boots just pull the whole look together in a very good way.

  • i’m in love with this post, and, in fact i’m in love with wellies. even the name is magnificent! your blog is fantastic! thanks for the inspiration!
    love, chelsea

  • obsessed with my beautiful tall red pair! how you seen the lace up ones? TO DIE FOR. great post!

  • Your blog is gorgeous, and the pics are beautiful ♥

  • I have a pair in red- and I love them- how fun to see a post about “wellies” ….You can make anything seem glamorous :}

  • Good Morning!….Another wonderful post! Your subject today is definitely a favorite of mine!!! I love my “wellies”….on my feet or lined up in the hallway!…Incredibly fabulous pictures!….Always a huge fan of your blog!….Heidi XO

  • I just ordered a pair in red!

  • Oh I just love the photos of them all!!! They almost tell a story.

  • That is such a beautiful shade of turquoise!

  • I love them!
    wellies made me think in an England castle and walking after the rain.

  • I have Rachel Riley’s photo saved on my computer, it’s gorgeous!!! Loving your other photos as well!

  • Wellies are one of favorite things in life. Is that weird? And it turns out they make for pretty pictures.

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