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Apartment Therapy‘s 11 Tips for Slowing Down really struck a chord, as I sleep less and less and find myself buried under more projects, appointments, social engagements, and never-ending to-do lists, and while it’s great to be busy, it’s always wonderful to take a few moments out . . .

{tip #4:}
This goes along with doing one thing at a time and is the hardest thing for us: don’t open tabs in your browser. Only read one website at a time and don’t open 16 more in tabs to read later. Just one at a time (and don’t spend all night doing it either!).

Besides having a myriad of tabs and applications open, the lack of sleep, and constant e-mailing checking {BlackBerrys did make it to The City of Light, despite good intentions}, realize that the times that I feel most relaxed is when we drop everything and drive out of the city for a weekend get-away . . .

One of my favourite times where I felt completely and perfectly carefree was {here}

{When was the last time you felt carefree and what do you do to unwind at the end of the day?}

{image credits: Harper’s Bazaar US February 2008; photographer: Solve Sundsbo; fashion editor: George Cortina; model: Julia Stegner; uploaded by ecstasy_lover via foto decadent}

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  • Melissa and The Lil Bee – great to have you back from your time away!

    Jiovanni – thank you.

    willytheprince – will look into that . . .

    easy and elegant life — a little envious of your relaxed state of mine and your lovely ways of staying “unwound”

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts and ideas — glad to know I’m not the only one who needs to slow things down . . .

  • I’m sort of mostly “unwound” these days. To really feel above it all, it’s a good book at the seashore. Just did a week of that.

    On really harried days, I mix my evening drink, dim the lights (or wait for sunset during the summer) put on some Bill Evans and lie back on the sofa in the bar room. Twenty minutes later I feel like I’ve been on vacation.

    On those mornings that seem to bode ill, a dawn run to return to watch the sunrise on the porch, shower and shave, and cup of good coffee fit the bill.

    Opening the sunroof and windows and howling along to an old favourite (“Oh Yeah” Roxy Music or something by Bowie or The Clash depending on the mood) works, too.

  • I just had a fantastic “stay-cation” and felt thoroughly carefree and relaxed. Then I looked at my Google Reader and it had over 1000 posts! STRESS!

    I’ve read your posts and a handful of others, and am now taking your advice and going to sleep, before I undo my relaxed vibe. Thanks, girlie:)

  • I would love to know who made that first dress!

  • I love this blog and I just glanced at it. Can’t wait to look more closely.

  • i love this tip…i hate to admit i have such a hard time really, really focusing on one thing at a time. i’ll make this my new goal.

  • Beautiful glamorous post….as usual! :-)

  • Hi Thank you so much for your fun comment on the pink leather hoodie post. :)

    ahhhhhh I would like to go away.

  • beautiful images…i think its always important to step back from the rush of life and just ponder…see whats priority as we tend to forget that…
    loved your images from the english countryside…so beautiful!

  • These pictures make me want to go on a road trip. And nothing beats playing piano to unwind.

  • The last time I felt carefree? I can’t even remember. I am a Virgo and must have my life planned out or else I freak. Maybe I feel carefree in LA when I go on vacation tomorrow. Wait. Nope. I have that planned out too.

    What helps me unwind? YOGA. Meditation. I think being able find time to unwind is hard enough, and being able to make your mind quiet is ten times harder. If you can do it, you will find it was way worth the investment.

  • Oh, great post, bff!

    just peeking one eye back into blogland after the wedding. always am happy to see the loveliness here! and today was especially good, definitely great advice!


  • current tabs open: 9

    current state of mind: flurried & overwhelmed

    how do i unwind? reading posts like this. breathing much slower now :) thank you!

    *ps – love these images SO much!

  • Hmm, this is quite the question for me right now… I don’t remember when this happened last. WOW! That’s startling to me, I really don’t remember. I’m the type of girl who has multiple tabs open, multiple applications…etc. Fun!

    Thank you for posting this! It’s a good shock for me, shock into taking a moment or two for the carefree walks/talks/strolls/breaks!

  • i love how calm these photos make me feel. so surreal! :)

  • Nothing beats riding with the top down!

  • OMG, I have those 16 open tabs ur talking about… I need to drive off the city, I want to go to one of those hotelboutiques. I hope u can find some time for yourself :)

  • Gorgeous post, in every single way..

    Being carefree….that sounds like a dream…a very far-away dream (to me). The last time i was carefree, was when i was a kid (and even then, i was a worried kid, a kid that was always thinking…) or when i was drunk for the last time (does that count? ;) )
    I wish so bad for myself that i could be more carefree and that the circumstances of life were more right to live a more carefree life.
    I think it will come with the years, al least i hope so.

    I wish you a carefree day and thanks again for this lovely post!

    <3 Mila.

  • You pick the best photographs for your posts. I enjoy your blog very much.

    To unwind, I spend a weekend or more in Monterey, California. Totally beautiful, if you like sweater-weather which I do. Winter is a great time to visit because the fog lifts, and the sky and ocean are bluer than anytime of the year. You can soak in all the beauty, and just relax.

  • This is a fabulous post. The pictures are gorgeous.

    I love cuddling up with my soon to be hubby and a good bottle of wine to undwind.

    Also pampering yourself with a bubble bath and candles is a wonderful way to relax.

  • The last time I felt completely carefree was when I was in Scotland for a month… before I had my two lovely dogs to leave behind and miss.

    And to unwind at the end of the day, I walk those two dogs around our leafy old neighborhood.

    You have a gorgeous blog. Edward and I are truly enjoying our visits here.

  • To unwind I leave the laptop at the office. And my month in Italy when I feasted my eyes on incredible beauty everywhere I looked! Beauty is a great relaxer for me, I breath easier.

  • such a perfect post. sometimes i can’t if my computer is too close — i need to physically go outside.

    so, at the end of the day I like:
    eating outside.
    listening to music.

    on the weekends:
    this is the real unplug time — take a drive; visit a friend.
    make art.

    p.s. i loooove this set of images; they’d blend so great with the song i’m posting tomorrow! ;)

  • Theresa und Eva-Maria – thank you so much for your lovely comment – always a lovely surprise to hear from normally quiet readers, especially when the first comment is as thoughtful as yours!

  • Wow, the perfection. Last time I felt so carefree… 1year ago in L.A. And probably in few month in L.A. too. A so good feeling, like these pictures!

  • oh, i am so guilty of this. right now i have 13 things open on my computer – and that’s light! i can’t remember the last time i felt carefree…

  • Oh, wow. Simply gorgeous!

  • I could be this girl…love it. When I try to settle down I still think of all the things I SHOULD be doing…bad cycle.

  • To unwind – there’s nothing like drinking cup after cup of wonderful tea, from a wonderful teapot – and painting along the way…


  • Lol, I have about 4 other tabs open right now. I feel completely carefree when I am near water- a lake, the ocean, a pool. I unwind each day on a walk through my neighborhood with my husband and baby after dinner.

  • thanks!!! very helpfull and beautiful photos!

  • Such beautiful pictures! For such a long time now I wanted to thank you for your wonderful blog. With your pictures you always meet my taste by 100%! Keep up the great work and while reading your blog I closed all the other tabs, which were still open ;-)
    Have a wonderful day and a good rest!

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