{tropical elegance}


{tropical elegance}

Not normally fond of green plants, preferring numerous bouquets of fresh-cut flowers in vases scattered about, but there is something about these oversized splashes of green against fresh white interiors that seems to exude a relaxed easiness and tropical elegance.

{tropical elegance}{1 – photography by Laura Resen for Domino April 2008; 2 – via classic style in the city}

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  • I really need those doors in the last photo. I have the perfect spot for them!


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  • Would be good for you all to see this incredible nightclub in Sydney – The Ivy – make sure you have a browse through its various bars and themed areas –

  • Seriously, TIG, our social schedule is the only reason they’re still alive… the secret to a green thumb around here is replacement….

  • LOL, e+e–can always count on you for witty comments :)

  • I’m in agreement with the small green plant thing, but when they get big… well, drama and some great shadows for dinner parties. They also serve as a convenient place to dump the melt water from the champagne bucket the morning after…

  • Well good morning, Felicity :) Thanks for answering Marie Louise’s question about the banana plants in the last image. Any idea what types of plants are in the other two rooms?

  • ATBAB, that was funny… I thought that was you.

    I love the plants, but those bright green curtains are fabulous:)

  • Here I am !! signed in properly now!

    Hugs! FXOX!

  • They are banana plants I walk under them every weekend! :-)

    PS G – love the update side bar – quite a bit of work there! :-)

    Opps – just realised – forgot to sign in – oh well you know who I am and that you are my first visit for the day – even before my own blog !!:-) now that gives you an insight into how I operate doesn’t it .

    Wake up , check emails – then blog – haven’t quite gotten to the 3rd step yet.

    Right – I’m off enough rambling!

  • Dear Glamoeous – me.? I love th last photo – the windows everywhere and the conservatory:-) look of the room :-)

    hugs bug and hope the week is going well ;-)

  • Aren’t those banana plants – at least in the last room? I’m not normally a plant person either, but I do like these rooms with the simple color palette and splash of green. The trick of course, is to keep them alive inside!

  • I love the green chair!

  • Thanks, Alexandra :)

  • I especially love the last room.

  • Love all these…makes me want to hang out in my bathing suit!

  • I really like the last room. I love all the windows and the french doors. The other pictures it feels like you are in the wildlife.

  • This is a great home. The green contrasts amazingly with the white sofa and armchair.
    Wish I had a home like this… But I’ll have to settle for my small apartment… [sigh]
    Thanks for sharing this. Your blog is uber-cool!

  • I am definitely a green plant person, I think it just livens up the house. I have them all over, and I just bought one that is related to a palm (even though it’s small) – now I can indulge my tropical island fantasies!

  • Love that tropical feeling in a room! Just like being on vacation. But not on vacation. Sadly. A girl can dream, even if it is by having tropical plants in her house! :-)

    Happy week, BFF!


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