{colour inspiration: daffodil silk}


{colour inspiration: daffodil silk}Sometimes all it takes to bring a new, ultra-chic energy into a room is a few sun-drenched accessories in shades of canary and daffodil . . .

Have much more fun at work {above} with a Ray and Charles Eames Soft Pad Chair, comfortably beautiful in happy yellow leather.

{colour inspiration: daffodil silk} A vibrant painting {this one is by Andrew Spence}, an Eero Aarnio Cognac chair, and cushions from Marimekko bring a sense of play to a modern, all-white bedroom.

{colour inspiration: daffodil silk}Drift off with elegantly blissful dreams in a Parisienne bed upholstered in daffodil silk. {Ochre bedside lamp.}

{images 1+3: photography by Mel Yates, image 2: photography by Douglas Friedman; Livingetc. April 2008}

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  • Hmmm… it would be nice to if I learned how to read: Ochre bedside lamp! I guess I was just drooling over the photo!

  • Wow! Do you know anything about the lamp next to the yellow bed? That is one amazing fixture!

  • agree with Felicity,EL- I have been musing on another site that you,girl must be a professional- sublime posts ! Picture heaven!
    a doc who danced and now designs
    of course you saw Felicity’s gorgeous ethereal post on ballet!

  • Such a lovely post! I love yellow and the way it brightens everything!

  • good morning dear…hope your weekend was fabulous…


  • I’m also loving this color – the first chair is GREAT!!

  • Yellow is adorable!

  • Gorgeous blog!! Beautiful yellow inspiring pics, thanks!

  • That bed is so wonderful!! I need that! :) The yellow is such a refeshing color in all these photos, I am so in love with it!

  • Hello, Absolutely Fabulous, and thank you! Yes, of course, no problem with using the photo.

    Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!

  • stunning photographs! i fell in love with the yellows…..and the beautiful light in the photographs.
    …. wanted to say hi , your blog is my inspiration. i wanted to ask permission to post the bed photo in my blog, of course with all the necessary credits….?

  • Love the headboard or bedrame and that Eames chair up top is one of my all time favorite office chairs. Great selections of photos!

  • I am really beginning to love yellow. That head board is fabulous!

  • Love this yellow and all these interiors…so inspiring :)

  • omg, i love that headboard!

  • I love all the yellow. The bright, warm colors do something to you, it just makes you feel better. I love it.

  • I do love these colors! Very warm & happy! Hey, I found your blog via my friend’s {simply grove} & it’s really fun! I love that you have a variety if things, interior design, fashion…Anyways, wanted to say hi!

  • It is so interesting that many of the tones that were SO grounded in the 60s are now coming back into vogue.

  • That incredible bed makes me swoon.

  • Why thank you, Felicity, darling — I may know a thing or two about Photoshop, but it’s but one of my many talents :)

  • that first picture is insanely gorgeous! the most delightful “room of one’s own” inspiration.

  • I am so loving this sweet, sweet yellow…brightens my day!

  • WOW G,

    It’s me – El cheeky.

    I am now convinced that you have a background in photo manipulation and that this is your full time job as your magazine shots are AMAZING whenever you load them up – so clear and not at all grainy. These are beautiful

  • loving the last bedit makes me happy:]

  • GORGEOUS!!! That is my all time hands down favorite bed!!! Everytime I see it I get extremely happy!!!

  • Oh to have such a sunny yellow to brighten ones day!!! I love it.

    Happy May Day!


  • I love yellow! It’s such a happy colour and it always brightens a room. The chair is the second picture is adorable – it looks like it would perfectly hug a bum!

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