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An artist once requested that I sit for a portrait, and although I graciously declined, it has been great fun being swept up in the beautiful world of vintage portraits – searching for the perfect one, and following the discoveries of others . . .

{via a beautiful living}

{portraits with a neoclassical twist at JDG}

{portrait of woman from Santa Barbara at paris hotel boutique}

{via a beautiful living}

{Shoot Factory via absolutely beautiful things}

{photography by Roger Davies; O at Home Spring 2008}

Completely inspired by this collection of portraits of varying sizes and frames –flanked by a pair tufted fuchsia chairs, it is an arrangement of pure sophistication.

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{images: 1 – flickr; 3 – JDG; 4 + 7 – Paris Hotel Boutique Journal}

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  • Thanks for the information, Annie. Will definitely have a look at the one at your store.

  • The last photo is of wedding planner extraordinaire Mindy Weiss’ collection. Enviable! We have a few good ones at home and a real looker for sale at the store right now. Great post.

  • So beautiful! I’m always intrigued with old portraits.

  • p.s. And to those lovely comments about wondering how my portrait might have turned out, you know that I am far too webshy to post such a thing :)

  • Perfect Bound–thank you! And it’s really true about portraits telling us so much about times gone by . . .

    Anastasiac–I agree about preferring portraits of strangers, although your portrait with your sister must be a great memory, and even better than a photograph.

  • i love the look of them in the home…but I think id prefer strangers than people I know – my sister and I sat for a portrait when we were kids…my parents still have it up on their wall and its bizarre seeing us like that!

  • Sometimes I think it’s kind of creepy to have stranger’s faces decorating your wall but the perfect portrait is more than just a face. These are statements about fashion, life and style. And you’ve picked a great collection!

  • The Paris Apartment–loved your comment and a little envious that you come across these so often :)

    Lynn–thanks so much–you have such a great collection–I was inspired.

  • Oh, we would LOVE to see a portrait of you. I prefer the neoclassical portraits in the third image.

  • Thanks for the mention(s)!! I love your blog and added it to my blogroll. I really love you logo/banner as well. So sharp! Lynn

  • Divine! I see these at the fleas and pass them up a lot but am still drawn to them… They look great in these settings, like the people are coming back from the past to watch over the room. What drama and energy!

  • LOL I thought that too about the last photo. In fact, I had to stare at it for several minutes. I actually thought, “How cool! Painting book pages on a wall in a 3D effect!” :-P

    I think having a vintage portrait done would be neat! I wonder how yours would have turn out?

  • Melissa, now that you mention it, it does look like a wall made to look like a book :) The image is not mine, so that’s why it’s a photograph.

    Happy night to you as well.

  • Why I am not surprised you declined the offer? Since we never see your beautiful face around your blog you are always a glamorous mystery!

    I did notice the unmade bed in your previous post, there is something quite inviting about that look. That is why I cannot leave my bed unmade, or I would crawl back in!

    I love these portraits. In the last photo you shared I got confused and thought it was a wall made to look like a book! I was thinking how cool that wall looked, and then I realized it WAS a book! Still a cool wall though. Love those pink chairs!

    Happy night!

    YAWN, time for me to shut down this computer…



  • love the chairs!!!

  • Felicity, I might have known you’d be wondering about that :) I did think it was a rather lovely idea, and always wonder how the portrait might have turned out . . .

  • i adore every painting. and the fuchsia chairs are insane.

  • Those bright pink chairs are too die for!

  • SO glamorous – how come you graciously declined? you could have become his/her muse! :-)

  • I love the first photo with the vintage hosiery hangers!

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