{in wonderland}

Was following a convoluted web of stray links, when suddenly, like Alice, I tumbled into a {candy-coated} wonderland . . .

Magazines from other countries are a little like travelling, their pages filled the secrets of far-off places.

{other places to visit:}

If you’re new here or to blogger, click here for the wrap-up to the tips for new bloggers series by the ever-sunny Felicity–there’s a lot of great information, including how to adjust image size by coding, configuring links, and many other technical and otherwise discussions.

If you’re looking for a little January inspiration, click here {and especially between February 4-8}.

Order your Valentine’s Day cards here and do something nice for your special someone and the environment. {And click here if you’re crafty.}

If you missed Valentino’s stunning farewell to couture, click here for the highlights.

The next time you’re having oysters and champagne, and feeling pensive, click here.

And discovered this beautiful blog {via here}.

{images: random flickr fun from tsilli and Vogue Girl}