2008 {firestarter}

The small sitting room in Wembury, on the Devon coast from the book, Vogue Living Houses Gardens People

It’s winter and nearly Valentine’s Day, and the two together always remind me of some {and there are many} of my favourite fireplaces. Lately I’ve been seeing the use of stacks of perfectly piled firewood as a structural or graphic element in sitting rooms, and still very much in my rustic phase, the look appeals and brings thoughts of being tucked away in a lazy log cabin, twirls of smoke from the fire drawing intricate patterns in the Winter sky . . .

2008 {firestarter}

Molly Simms’ LA home via Turquoise Chic

2008 {firestarter}

decor8 on flickr

2008 {firestarter}

Ralph Lauren ad campaign

2008 {firestarter}

image via Jocelyn Warner

2008 {firestarter}

winter loggia by Tom Scheerer

2008 {firestarter}
Domino November 2007

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  • Thanks for the lovely comment at my blog and your visit!

  • Thanks so much for visiting, Jesus, and for your comment, of course :)

  • Joanna and Katie, it’s definitely something to consider–I’ve always liked the rustic element that wood brings into a room.

    Oh, that’s great, Kate! A great weekend to you as well!

    Thanks, m&co.

    Felicity, the thought of your balcony BBQ attracting the fire brigade is hilarious!

    I completely agree, Claudia, well, with the exception of Wembury.

  • I love your blog, its fantastic.

  • Hmmm, yes, Barrymore is a bit too full of himself at any rate.

    Thanks for the info. Off to do some research on the house. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m off to find more eyecandy.

  • Loving the stacked wood! Maybe I will just put a stack of wood into our non-working fireplace and call it a day.

  • Elegant, I’m not certain how Bella the Whippet would feel about your bringing your own dog to Wembury :)

    (Which, in answer to your question, was built as a Tudor redoubt and the home of Emma and Timmy Hanbury).

  • Beautiful rooms!

    My favourite, though, is that Ralph Lauren Ad. There is something about the candles and the wood that just makes want to grab a blanket (tartan, of course) and curl up in front of the fireplace!

  • Glamorous!! I’m here!!!

    We in HK are needing pictures like these as we huddle around the oilbar heater!!

    Not as romantic as an open fire but I’m sure the neighbours would certainly be up in arms if we had a fire (not that we have a fireplace – so its not possible anyway!) – the last time someone had a BBQ on a balcony the fire brigade arrived.

    Understandably so I guess :-)

  • THank you for the lovely comment at my blog :-) The Ralph Lauren ad campaign fireplace looks sooo nice! I’d love to have a rustic fireplace like that !!

  • I’m working on a design and was searching for images of stacked wood to do something similar…I was so glad to see you post this!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  • Send me immediately to Wembury, will bring our own dog. (Not one of our fireplaces works, and the small sitting room looks like heaven on earth today. Can you tell us more about it one day?)

  • i love this idea…we have a non-working fireplace and need to fill it with something!!

  • Thanks, TTI! Have a great weekend.

  • What a lovely post to read on a cold winter night!

  • Hello Melissa! Yes, that first room is one of my favourites–it’s a beautiful combination of sosphisticated and relaxed, stylish, yet comfortable. As for the stacks of firewood, you’re the second person that’s mentioned rats, snakes and spiders–new reader Polly (who commented on the post below) also made the same point, (which hadn’t even occurred to me)–I guess it’s a case of form vs function, although I can’t fathom the thought of things hiding in the firewood!

  • Wow, interesting! I love that first picture. We always have wood piled (a small amount!) by our fireplace so we can build a fire on short notice. I would be worried if I had a ton of wood around there would be rats or snakes in it. Or spiders. I worry about things like that. But it is beautiful, and I love the naturalness of it.

    Happy Day,

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